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May 30, 2021

Charlotte North

Towson , Maryland, USA

Boston College Eagles

Media Conference

Boston College - 16, Syracuse - 10

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by Charlotte North.

Q. I'll be the first to ask about breaking the record, although I'm sure you're very much enthused on a team level right now. But from the individual standpoint, how much sweeter does it make to be able to not only eclipse the NCAA single season goals record but at the same time win a title? I'm sure it's great to have both happen at once.

CHARLOTTE NORTH: I'm just thinking about this win today. It was a full team effort. And that's all I'm thinking about. We put together a full game and Acacia said we were going to come out hungry and play our best for 60 minutes, we were going to win. We believed in that. We believed in each other. We came out on top.

I'm so happy. I'm so proud, and it's a credit to all of my teammates. This is the best team in the country. And we have the best coaching staff in the entire world.

Q. Did any of your teammates make you aware of the record when you did set it, and was there anything special done to commemorate it?

CHARLOTTE NORTH: No, we were just focused, locked in the whole game. I think we did such a good job staying poised and patient in the moment and composed. Biggest game of the year. And I'm looking to my leaders, Cara Urbank and Jillian Reilly, and they're so composed, and that seeps into the rest of the team. So we were just trying to stay locked in, stay where our cleats were the whole game and put together a complete game.

Q. When you guys beat Syracuse the first couple of times this year, they were one of the teams that kept you the quietest. Most people couldn't control your scoring. But they did that at the beginning of the season, and then today you come out and you explode for six goals. What was the difference in your approach? Was there a difference in your approach? How did you tackle that?

CHARLOTTE NORTH: I think the Syracuse defense is one of the best in the country. They have a great coaching staff and great defenders on that team. They're very athletic. And I think our coaches did such a good job breaking down our film each time we played them and learning what we could do better on the offensive end, putting in new sets and new looks and making sure to give us key points to focus on.

My attackers make my job easy. They're moving in there, they're having the ball zip around and they're aggressive. So, I mean, it's a credit to them.

We did a great job against one of the best defenses in the country.

Q. Can you describe the feeling when the final seconds ticked off the clock, everybody's rushing the field, the fans are going nuts, what was that like?

CHARLOTTE NORTH: Surreal. It's a moment we're going to remember for the rest of our lives. But it's just a culmination of this program and what Acacia Walker has built here at Boston College and the rest of the coaching staff.

This culture is second to none. And all the players that came before us who have gotten this program to this stage before, you know, this is for them. This is for all the alums before that and for our team and coaches this year. It's pretty incredible. And it's a testament to the culture that the coaches have built here for so long.

Q. Was that something, when you came in, that you immediately saw? You know what I mean? When you came to transfer to Boston College, there had to be a transitional period there, when that culture -- when did you feel that?

CHARLOTTE NORTH: Without a doubt from the first phone call with Acacia in June 2019. I felt it right away. I could feel the passion and the culture and the bond. We have "Family" on the back of our shirts when we warm up, and we embody that because of our coaches and because of the people who came before us and our leaders. It's all over the program. And I think that's why we won today.

Q. Why were you and BC the perfect match for each other?

CHARLOTTE NORTH: You know, I'm just one of the lucky ones that gets to say they played for Boston College and Acacia. Not many people get the chance to live out their dream with the best people around them.

And it's all a credit to them for allowing me to be a part of this special group.

Q. We saw a couple of flags of Texas in the stands. Knowing where you've come from and how hard you've worked, what does this mean to you to stand on the top of the lacrosse world today?

CHARLOTTE NORTH: I think it's huge. I mean, my roommate, Rachel, and I, we're proud to come from Texas, but I think it's a credit to our coaches down there. They've gotten us from high school on, they got us to this level to believe that we could play at the Division I level.

And now that we go back home we see the talent is -- it's growing by the second. There are incredible coaches down there. And my coach Maggie Koch was in the stands, and it comes full circle because I wouldn't be here without her.

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