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May 29, 2021

Jacob Gonzalez

Hoover, Alabama, USA

Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

Ole Miss Rebels

Postgame Press Conference

Arkansas - 3, Mississippi - 2

THE MODERATOR: If you don't mind opening up with a brief statement, and then we'll have questions for you.

JACOB GONZALEZ: Both pitchers pitched really well today. Our starter Cody Adcock pitched really well, just gave up the one home run in the first inning. Besides that, he was pretty much perfect. Their pitcher did really good. They took him out before he even gave up a run, and their relievers were walking us, and we ended up scoring two to tie. The next thing, they just punched back and scored again.

Both our reliever and their reliever didn't let up any more runs, and it just ended 3-2.

Q. Jacob, what do you guys feel like you have to do to kind of carry some of the things you did well here into next week and beyond?

JACOB GONZALEZ: I think we just need to keep playing with the same energy we had all week. I think personally that we played way different than we have been playing. We were playing with a different vibe, like just more excited to play, more on the line, and it was a lot more fun too.

Q. What do you think caused that?

JACOB GONZALEZ: I think starting off with an elimination game really sparked that flame because we wanted to win this tournament. Sadly we lost this game, but we wanted to win every single game. We didn't want to lose.

Q. Can you comment a little about the pitching we've seen this week? It seemed to be really outstanding, especially from some of the guys that haven't gotten the opportunity to pitch as much during the regular season.

JACOB GONZALEZ: All of our pitchers were locked in this week, pitching with confidence. They weren't letting any of the outcomes affect their outcome for pitching, and they were just pitching how they've always pitched their whole lives.

Q. We saw the pitching in this tournament from Ole Miss, but you guys collectively didn't hit as well as we've seen you hit in some other games. What was your take on the hitting here in Hoover this week?

JACOB GONZALEZ: I think this week we actually got a little -- like we got more of the timely hits that helped us win the games. We wish we'd gotten more of those in this game when we had the bases loaded, one out, and just didn't score another run. I think we just -- I don't know. We had the good timely hitting, and sometimes it wasn't as good.

Q. With regionals coming up next week, what are you most looking forward to?

JACOB GONZALEZ: I'm most looking forward to playing at home and playing with the same stakes on the line of win or go home. That's what you want to play for, yeah.

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