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May 29, 2021

Jason Kokrak

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Quick Quotes

Q. Opening thoughts about your round today?

JASON KOKRAK: Played solid golf on the back nine. A little, I don't know if I would call it nervy, just a little uncomfortable on the green speed, was a little off. Missed a couple of putts in the middle of the round that just with speed and different things like that. I got off to a good start. A couple miscues in the middle of the round but got off and running at 12. So I think if I can put the ball in the fairway more often, give myself some short irons into these holes, you know, attack some of these pins, we'll be in the mix with Jordan tomorrow.

Q. Your putting stats, you're in the top in the field. Can you describe what's working this week with the putter?

JASON KOKRAK: I've got to hand it to d rob, I read a couple putts where I didn't believe him and he's right on point. Day-in and day-out, I trust him. I think he trusts me with a couple of the clubs I hit here and there, and we work out well. I think it's just I'm able to take advantage of the shorter clubs I have in on some of these holes and then I'm also able to take advantage of the harder holes, I can hit iron or I have a 7-wood in the bag, I think on what is it, 4 or 5, the tough par 4, I hit 7-wood, 7-iron in there so I didn't have to hit 3-wood or driver off there to hit a mid-iron into that green.

I'm trying to use the length to my advantage but the putter is heating up.

Q. You played pretty well in the last two rounds in 2020, played great the first three rounds this week. Is it something about the course that you think fits your game?

JASON KOKRAK: I tend to like tougher golf courses that I know it's soft this week and I know it's quite a few under is going to win. But I'm comfortable here. Food's been great. People have always treated me nice. Always rented a house close by. I've just got good vibes for this golf course. You know, the putter the last two years has served me well and I seem to read these greens pretty well along with d rob.

Q. Going ahead to tomorrow, what are your expectations?

JASON KOKRAK: I mean, everybody's expectation in the final pairing is to go out there and play well. I want to play some solid golf. All I can control is myself. I can't control what Jordan does. Fairways and greens, give myself a lot of opportunities, and take the birdies as they come and eliminate the mistakes.

Q. After back-to-back bogeys at 5 and 6, you fell three strokes back and you got even with Jordan early. Can you talk about how you responded and how you didn't let that derail your round?

JASON KOKRAK: Well, I just thought, you know, I knew I was playing well. The drive on 6 there just caught the tree and kicked right or I would have been able to have a much better shot into that green.

The short missed putt was maybe just knowing that I was a little uncomfortable early on the greens, and I just kind of stuck to my game plan. I knew I was hitting it well and I just tried to forget about it and move on.

Q. Obviously a lot of support here for Jordan. Do you think you're playing a spoiler role tomorrow?

JASON KOKRAK: Absolutely. I walked off one of the greens, I said, "I guess I'm not the favorite today." Jordan birdied 13, the par 3 and I walked off the green, I was like, "Well, I'm definitely not the favorite here this week."

He's a Texas guy. I'm an Ohio guy. It's fun. The crowds are crazy. But it's fun to have a local kid and play well and him be in the last group, and I'd be more than happy to spoil it for him tomorrow.

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