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May 29, 2021

Mac Guscette

Hoover, Alabama, USA

Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

Florida Gators

Postgame Press Conference

Tennessee - 4, Florida - 0

MAC GUSCETTE: The game didn't go as well as we planned. Our bats didn't get going today like they had a few days ago. Our pitching staff has been phenomenal all weekend, and I think they pitched well today.

Q. Hey, Mac, what was Sewell doing, the starter, doing to keep you guys off balance? It looked like he had a two-pitch mix like a slider or cutter and a fastball?

MAC GUSCETTE: Yeah, he had a fastball that was a little funky, but he mixed it up well with fastball and slider to righties and whatever he threw to lefties. But he just did a good job with those two pitches.

Q. Obviously not the result you wanted today, but do you feel like just going 3-1 in the tournament after that Arkansas series, do you feel like you guys have something to build off at the end of the NCAA Tournament?

MAC GUSCETTE: No, definitely. We definitely showed ourselves that we're the team we know we can be. We came in here after getting swept, just coming to play, have fun, and I mean we showed who we are. So we're going to keep rolling throughout the rest of playoffs.

Q. I know you missed some time, but what do you think has maybe been or led to the inconsistency in the way you guys have played at points this year?

MAC GUSCETTE: We just haven't played together as a team. Either pitching's on or hitting's on. It was never both the whole year. Then we got here, and on Tuesday is when it started coming around. Now pitching and hitting is coming around both together. So we're starting to play better as a team. That's the big key going into the postseason.

Q. You guys have been away from home for a while. I'm assuming you'll host a regional. Are you happy to be able to play some more games in the Florida ballpark?

MAC GUSCETTE: Oh, for sure. Our stadium is insane. Playing at home is like no tomorrow, especially in the playoffs. You always want to get that bid. It's going to be fun playing back in Gainesville.

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