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May 29, 2021

Jacob Young

Hoover, Alabama, USA

Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

Florida Gators

Postgame Press Conference

Tennessee - 4, Florida - 0

JACOB YOUNG: I thought their starter threw well. He kept us off balance with his fastball/slider mix. We didn't get a lot of good swings off it early. I thought that we pitched very well. We kept ourselves in the game the whole time. They're a good offense, and our pitchers kept us in the game, but we didn't get the swings we needed and didn't have enough good at bats to win the game.

Q. Really good tournament for you. Where do you think the team is, just confidence-wise, and how are you guys feeling heading into the NCAA Tournament?

JACOB YOUNG: I thought it was a great week for us.

I thought we played really well. Pitchers did great. They kept us in a lot of ball games. The offense, we had three great games. We struggled today, of course, but I thought we kicked that last regular season series away from us and kind of got into the postseason mind, and we're going to try to continue that.

Q. And then we hadn't seen much of Brandon this year, made the start against, I think, Stetson and then again today. How do you think he looked? Lost the zone maybe in the third it was but was strong before that.

JACOB YOUNG: I thought he looked great. For it being your first SEC start in a tournament like this, pretty big crowd, against a great team like that, I thought he did fantastic. Kept us in the game, threw a lot of strikes. You knew at this point in the SEC Tournament, you're not going to be starting someone who always starts. To have a guy come out and make a start like that was huge for us, but we weren't able to hit behind him.

Q. You guys have been on the road for 13 days now. Are you looking forward to getting back home and playing in a regional in your park?

JACOB YOUNG: Yeah, hoping the fans come out there. We have full capacity, so there should be a lot of fans. Good crowds, a lot of energy, and we love playing at home. So we're looking forward to it.

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