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May 29, 2021

Alex Cejka

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Quick Quotes

Southern Hills Country Club

THE MODERATOR: Welcome back to the 2021 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. We're here at Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are with Alex Cejka. 2-under par 68. He is currently in the 2 position at 5-under par. Alex, perhaps a little slow out of the chute but after that you kind of caught your groove and played kind of right what you've been doing the last few weeks and months.

ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, I'm a little, I was a little bit disappointed the first two holes, I hit really good shots and just over the green on 1, made 5 there and 3-putted the 2nd for bogey. So bogey, bogey start wasn't the ideal what I was looking for. But I knew if I hit good shots I would give me some chances and then I can make a few birdies. But the pins are tucked in corners again, with that wind it's really, really tough to get them close, especially the ones downwind, they always just behind the bunker, I mean it's really tough to hit it close. But I kind of played smart, the way I wanted it, I pulled some great shots off and again I'm happy to be in this position after three days.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the birdie on 12 and 15. Those were awfully good birdies.

ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, I hit a great drive on 12, over the bunker. I had just a wedge in. And I hit it kind of pin high and I had a 10-footer, tricky putt downhill, a little bit left-to-right, but it was good.

Then the next birdie I made on 15, yeah, I hit a 3-wood off the tee and then hit a really, really good pitching wedge, literally a foot from the hole.

Q. 17? Did you go on the green in 1?

ALEX CEJKA: 17, yes, on 17 I cut a soft drive, it just trickled over but literally on the fringe, so I 2-putted there for birdie. So I take the back nine in those conditions today how I played it.

Q. 14 greens in regulation today, distance control obviously paramount today and you have to be happy with how you hit your irons today.

ALEX CEJKA: Yes, as I said, it was tricky with the wind. This course is already tricky with out the wind. You put 10 miles an hour cross winds, down winds, into the wind, it's tough to pull the clubs. But I was really sharp, really focused and it's easy to make actually a good shot and walk off with a bogey or double bogey here if you just don't judge the wind as well. So I'm, I was happy, I judged the wind very well and I hit the shots the way I wanted and that's key number too.

Q. Your par save on 18, heck of a par save. Has to leave a good taste in your mouth going into the final group tomorrow.

ALEX CEJKA: Yes, yes, yes. I didn't want to drop a shot. It was a tough 4-iron, I didn't feel comfortable with a left-to-right wind with, I was a little bit above the ball, but it was a great up-and-down. A little bit tricky, I was hoping it's going to go in the second bunker, that will be a little bit easier, but as I said, I'm grinding every day.

Q. You've been in contention nearly every start out here. What's that been like emotionally just to keep being right there?

ALEX CEJKA: Well so far it's nice. I'm riding the wave. Let's hope I'll ride it for a little bit. I think I saw it in the past, all those new guys who come out on TOUR, they have that wave and they ride it. I'm playing well and I just want to play as long and as good as possible because eventually it's going to fade off. I mean, that's normal, you know? But we'll see what I can do the next whatever, weeks, months, couple years, who knows.

Q. You mentioned earlier about your bad start, you went bogey, bogey, but then you end up playing your last 13 holes at 4-under in these tough conditions. Was there anything that clicked for you that made that happen or was it just kind of the putts started to fall in?

ALEX CEJKA: I kind of had the same mindset like yesterday, I didn't want to lose too much ground. I saw the boys behind me being already like 8-under and 6-under and I'm dropping couple shots and I'm 1-under. So, but again, I thought if I make a couple birdies coming in and maybe one of those boys drops one or two shots, what is doable on this golf course, anything can happen. As we see, it's bunched up again after 54 holes, so, again, I'm just grinding, trying to make good shots and good putts and riding the wave.

Q. Looks like with the golf done you'll be in the final group with Steve Stricker tomorrow, who you actually beat at the first major in a playoff at the Regions Tradition. Do you have any feelings about that, any good momentum knowing that you'll be in the group with him already beating him in a playoff at the first major?

ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, but he's such a great player. He's a tough nut to crack. So I'm going to have to play really good golf, be lucky. Again, it all depends who is going to play better tomorrow. It's actually very simple. Who is going to play better, who is going to have a great chance of winning this tournament.

Q. I should know this but were you paired together that final day at Regions Tradition with Steve?


Q. I know you have a history with him and --

ALEX CEJKA: Well I played, over my career I played a couple times with him in the group, but it's been awhile, I think like three years ago the last time, somewhere on the PGA TOUR. But it's just a round of golf with a great player on a great golf course with tough conditions, so I'm really looking forward to it.

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