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May 29, 2021

Ally Ewing

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Ally Ewing, a nineteen hole winner at the Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play to advance to the quarterfinals. You won with a par on hole No. 10, the first extra frame, beating Jenny Coleman. You will play Danielle Kang in the quarterfinals. What a match.

ALLY EWING: Yeah, Jenny has obviously been playing great golf. It was a great match. Came down to the end. I had to win hole 18 to even get an extra hole out of it.

Even though my feet are already feel tired, I'm ready to play more golf.

Q. Danielle won 2-up over Bronte Law. Went back and forth just like yours did. You think you guys still have some left in the tank?

ALLY EWING: Oh, yeah. I think the competitive nature of us as golfers, and maybe even a little bit extra with Danielle and I, who knows, but we'll definitely find it and have some in the tank to compete for some more holes.

Q. You needed to win 18 today to keep the match going; you did that. What was it like going down that final hole?

ALLY EWING: Yeah, I took an aggressive approach again to hole 18. Took driver off the tee. I was a little left of where I was looking, but it still managed to stay in the first cut, which gave me an opportunities to go for the green.

I was able to hit 7-iron in to about 30 feet. Not an easy putt whatsoever with where the pin was. It was a hard-breaking left putt. Was able to kind of cozy is down.

I wasn't a gimme range, but Jenny unfortunately had a bogey on 18. Yeah, really glad -- I was anticipating needing to make that four-footer for birdie, so hopefully circumstances-wise I would've rolled it in and we would have still gone it 10 anyway, so...

Q. A little momentum for you going into the afternoon.

ALLY EWING: Yeah, I think overall I played a little bit better this afternoon -- or this morning than I did yesterday, so a little bit better swing thoughts, and hopefully I can carry that into this afternoon's match as well.

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