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May 29, 2021

Minjee Lee

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Minjee Lee, a 5&4 winner over Mel Reid, the first quarterfinalist here at the Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play hosted by Shadow Creek. You started with a birdie on No. 1; really never looked back from there to really lay the hammer down today. Take us through the opening birdie and how you stayed focused from there.

MINJEE LEE: Yeah, I holed a pretty lengthy birdie putt on the first hole, so that was a nice start for me.

And then I made a string of really good par saves, so just had the momentum going. And when I made the -- my birdies, I was able to, you know, capitalize on my opportunities.

So, yeah, no, I just had a really solid day today -- this morning.

Q. You birdied 6 and 7 as well to go 3-up; par on 9 to go 4-up.


Q. And then 4- and 5-up on 12 and 13 with a birdie and par. Take us through the middle stretch when you made the turn and you were 4-up, what the feeling of the match was, if you had a sense of anything from Mel.

MINJEE LEE: You know, I never really let my guard down. I judge rust tried to put my foot down and just keep trying to win as many holes as I could.

I mean, I lost the 10th hole and then I just bounced back on I think 12 to get that one back up, and then I think I won 13 and finished on 14.

So, yeah, just did my best to focus on my shots and my putts. So, yeah, I wasn't really concentrated on how Mel was going really. I just tried to just play my own game really.

Q. With another match, quarterfinals in an couple hours here, what the biggest thing to stay fresh? Is it more rest or do you hit the range and stay loose?

MINJEE LEE: You think depending on how much time I've got I will just hit a couple balls before I go out, probably eat something. I'm going to change my shirt and then come out fresh.

Q. Got to get ready for afternoon pictures.

MINJEE LEE: Oh, yes, for sure.

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