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May 28, 2021

Jenny Coleman

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Jenny Coleman, tied your match final day of the Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play to advance to the round of sweet 16. Face Ally Ewing tomorrow morning, but first things first, take us through today. Jumped out to a 3-up lead through 5. Quick start.

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, right off the bat was in a groove. Just hitting my shots, seeing it. She kind of off 1 just hit it off the side and then just it was a quick kind of pick-up birdie, let's go to the next one.

Then middle kind of she was swinging good and making some -- a lot of good putts out there. I mean, never count her out on draining a putt from anywhere or chipping in or anything like that.

And then, yeah.

Q. Take us through the closing stretch. She got it back to all square through 11 and then you took a lead on 15. She squared it back up on 16.


Q. What was the mentality down the stretch knowing what you needed to accomplish?

JENNY COLEMAN: Just keep fighting and be patient. We'd been back and forth all day hitting like good shot, getting rewarded, hitting a good shot, not getting rewarded, hitting a bad -- I mean, you name it, it could happen.

So just being very patient and hoping you get a little luck.

Q. Ally Ewing tomorrow. What do you know about Ally? Have you ever played with her?

JENNY COLEMAN: Played with her a couple times. Solid player. She's got an all-around game, so going to be a great fight.

Q. I'm sure you've seen Pat Hurst around.

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, circling around.

Q. For every American, Solheim Cup is a dream to join that team.


Q. Obviously with what you have been able to accomplish I would imagine Pat's checking you out a little bit. Do you think tomorrow is just another test against someone who has competed at that stage?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, definitely. I think she'll be checking us both out, and hopefully I bring my A game and keep her noticing.

Q. Ever played 72 holes over two days?

JENNY COLEMAN: 72 over two days?

Q. If you were to win you could potentially play 72 holes.


Q. You ever done that before?

JENNY COLEMAN: No. I think just 36/18 in college.

Q. So 54?


Q. That's still a lot.


Q. Is it easier to maintain, conserve a little bit of energy in match play versus stroke play?

JENNY COLEMAN: I think it always depends on how the match is going. If you're just playing steady, good golf, yeah.

But if -- but anything can happen in match play. I think the most important thing is just to stay patient, as calm as possible, because anything can happen and you can wear yourself out. It's hot, a long walk. Just ride it out.

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