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May 25, 2021

Jin Young Ko

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: All right, we are here with Rolex Rankings No. 1, Jin Young Ko. Welcome to Shadow Creek. I know you just finished up the pro-am. What does this golf course look like to you? Looks amazing to us.

JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I played nine holes today and yesterday nine holes and I saw CJ Cup last year and I was thinking, Wow, that course is unbelievable. I really want to play this course.

But I'm here and then I play this course, was like unbelievable. Like shape is perfect and the condition, everything is good and weather is perfect, so I'm happy with it.

THE MODERATOR: What are some holes, a hole, that might particularly stand out to you as one you like? We see some of them that are just beautiful to look at. What are some holes that you like?

JIN YOUNG KO: I can't -- well, every holes was good and I can't speak -- just pick one hole. Yep morning it's hard.

THE MODERATOR: Because their all so beautiful.


THE MODERATOR: Had you played here before or first time here?

JIN YOUNG KO: First time here.

THE MODERATOR: And this is a new event and we're bringing match play back to the LPGA schedule. What's your experience playing match play?

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, maybe three or four years -- four? Five years ago in KLPGA I played match play, but it wasn't good, so I don't know. I will try to my best.

But, well, usually I like just stroke play. I don't like match play.

THE MODERATOR: Why do you prefer stroke play?

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, I don't need to think about the other players and just I can easy to focus on my game. But match play is hard to just think on myself. It's hard, but it's going to be fun.

THE MODERATOR: So how do you do that challenge then of changing from thinking about just yourself to your opponent?

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, I'm trying think -- I'm think trying to like easy things, like just be on one player and one player each day. It's going to be like simple thing.

So if win like be to the other players, and then I can play on Friday and Saturday, on Sunday under. It's going to be win if I'm playing on the weekend.

THE MODERATOR: Just taking it one day at a time.


THE MODERATOR: Literally. Questions?

Q. The LPGA broke the news this morning that we have a new commissioner coming in. Where were you when you found out Mollie Marcoux Samaan will be the new commissioner, and how did you react?

JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I heard this morning at the range. I heard from Su, and she told me new commissioner is woman. Oh, really, that's going to be good for the LPGA Tour, and I can't wait meet her. (Laughter.)

THE MODERATOR: It is fun to have a woman leading the organization, although Mike has been wonderful.


THE MODERATOR: What are your thoughts on Mike's departure and Mollie coming to join us?

JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, he did great job many years ago in this tour, and then he tried to best in the world this tour, and I want to say really thanks to Mike, and then he leave this tour and to USGA.

I want to meet -- I will meet next week in U.S. Open, so I want to say hi to Mike and, yeah, I want meet new commissioner and Mike, too.

THE MODERATOR: We'll make sure that happens definitely. Coming back to match play here, you're the No. 1 seed and you'll be playing Anna Nordqvist, Caroline Masson, and Natalie Gulbis, all of whom have played well at Solheim Cup. What do you think your chances are? You said you're fairly new to match play though you played it before. But you've got three players who play a lot of match play.

JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I saw that Solheim Cup 2015, '16. Suzann made putt last hole.


JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, many years, ago, maybe two, years ago. I saw the Europe team, and then Anna and Masson, they play in Europe and they played good. I saw that, yeah, they are really great player in match play, so it's going to be -- makes me a little nervous, but it's going to on fun though.

THE MODERATOR: It will be fun, and no matter what, you mentioned next week this is a good set up, very hard course to play as you get ready for a major for the U.S. Women's Open. How do you feel come into this week and next week for the Olympic Club?

JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, this week I'm thinking this week is just like prepare before the major, and I heard next week course is really hard to like everything, like course shape or greens are hard.

So but this course is not easy, too. So, well, I'm find good things from here to next week.

THE MODERATOR: One last question. I know we still have to wear masks and we still have to be safe, but what are you going to be doing off the golf course here in Las Vegas?

JIN YOUNG KO: Well, I visit here 2019 after ANA. After ANA I go -- I went to the Grand Canyon few days and come back to Vegas and I went to the like blackjack, something like that, with the friends, and I had fun.

But I want to go -- I want to go blackjack again but I couldn't go there, I can't, because it's too dangerous. Like I got vaccine but I don't believe the other person.

THE MODERATOR: Better to be safe.


THE MODERATOR: Find yourself a nice outside restaurant and sit and watch people.

JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah. But, well, just stay home airbnb and make some food.

THE MODERATOR: What will you make?



JIN YOUNG KO: No, different. That's too difficult.

THE MODERATOR: Someday you'll have to make some food for me. I love Korean food. Thank you very much.

JIN YOUNG KO: Thank you.

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