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May 26, 2021

Lizette Salas

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Lizette Salas, 5&4 winner over Madelene Sagstrom on day one of the Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play. A tale of two nines. You were pretty tight on the front nine and you ran away with it on the back. Take us through the front nine and the back and forth battle you had.

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, it was a birdie battle up until like the 6th hole, and kind of gained momentum after 7, the par-5, when I was 1up, and from then on I kind of just hit fairways and greens and stuck to my game plan, and, you know, didn't really focus on what Madelene was doing.

I knew her length versus my accuracy was going to be a good match and I know I had to rely on it, so I played aggressive when I needed to and played smart most of the day. Probably after 10 -- yeah, after 10 I pretty much took control of the match.

Yeah, it was solid day. Hit the ball good. Putted well. I knew I needed to get on a strong start this first match.

Q. Does the performance you were able to put forth today and the battle between and you Madelene, is that a good example of how quickly a match can go your way and go against you at Shadow Creek?

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, definitely. You know, kind of just depends on what kind of bounce you get and how good you can recover from your mistakes.

I didn't have many, and even if I did, I was able to make par, get up and down, and still have a lead in the match. Like I said, I didn't focus on what she was doing. I was just trying to stick to my game plan and kind of build momentum going into my next few matches.

Q. We saw a video where you guys flipped a tee.


Q. Take us through that, what hole was that?

LIZETTE SALAS: I think that was 13, the par-3. So and we both paced off our putts, both 14 paces. We weren't sure who was going to go first. I said, Let's make a coin toss and I didn't have a coin, I had a tee, and I flipped it and it was my turn.

I mean, we both agreed and there was just a mutual sportsmanlike...

Q. Yeah, I like that.


Q. You're a Solheim veteran. Somebody said earlier today match play brings out the best in Lizette Salas. Would you agree?

LIZETTE SALAS: I think so. You know, I didn't really have good match play stats like junior golf or collegiate, amateur golf, but I think Solheim, having something bigger to work for, brings out something in me.

I know Captain Hurst is out here watching, and I need to perform in order to get on that team. It just requires a lot of good solid shots, a lot of good putts, and staying within myself and being patient.

So like I said, I was conservative when I needed to and aggressive and made some birdies out there.

Q. We talked about your new mindset, your new attitude, your visualization process last week.


Q. Is that something that can help in a match play setting, even help you perform better than a regular stroke play?

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah. Honestly, I feel like I performed better today in a match play setting than in a stroke play setting. Again, I been working on visualizing my shots and been executing them a lot more, which is definitely a confidence builder.

I'm going to need those coming in in the next two matches and to give myself a good chance to be a winner of the group. It all comes down to hitting fairways and greens and giving yourself good looks for birdie.

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