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August 25, 1997

Dinu Pescariu

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. A good win for you?

DINU PESCARIU: Yeah, for sure it's a good win. First time I beat a Top-10 Player. Especially it happened in US Open, so it means even more.

Q. Is this your first US Open?

DINU PESCARIU: I played once juniors and I played three years ago, two years ago, quallies. But I lose second round. First time I play major US Open.

Q. You were behind in the beginning. When did you get the feeling you were getting to him?

DINU PESCARIU: Well, it's tough to say because I was a set down and then I was breakpoint. In the fifth game, I was already breakpoint down that I saved. 4-All in the second set, I was Love-30 on my serve. Before that, I never really had a chance to break him. So everything was going wrong for me. But then when I kept my serve, hold my serve at 4-All, then I start believing. Then I had myself at 5-All again pretty easy. After I won the second set, then I knew I had a chance.

Q. Everybody always thinks that he can come in and win a tournament, but then he goes out like this, an early round defeat to lower ranked players. What's with his game? Is there any consistency or inconsistency to him?

DINU PESCARIU: What I can say is that when he goes on court, he's the one who can win or lose the match. The other one is not really doing too much. I mean, what I did today, I was keeping the ball in play, trying not to make mistakes, easy mistakes. He was doing the rest. I mean, the beginning, I was not touching his serves. He was missing almost every ball. Then he start serving a little bit worse. We start rallying on his serve. That was it. I mean, I don't think he's in a good shape right now. But I still have to say he's not a player that you wish to play, at least me. I don't like to play against him because he never really gives you a rhythm. He's always doing everything.

Q. When you say he's not in good shape, do you think he got tired out there?

DINU PESCARIU: No. I think he did many, many mistakes that normally he is not doing. I mean, I already lost twice to him. That two matches, he was not missing that much as he did today. I don't know how many unforced errors he had in this match, but I think he had a lot of unforced errors, which didn't happen before.

Q. Is this your biggest win?

DINU PESCARIU: It's tough to say because I once beat McEnroe.

Q. John?

DINU PESCARIU: John. It happened on my 17th birthday. My family was there. So that one meant a lot for me. But this one, for sure, it's a very big win for me because it happen in US Open, he's No. 4 in the world. John was not as high as Goran is now at that time.

Q. Where was that?

DINU PESCARIU: In Munich on claycourt.

Q. What year?


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