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May 26, 2021

Jenny Coleman

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Jenny Coleman, upset of the day. Anything can happen in match play, though. You did started 3-down through the first three. What were you thinking at that specific point?

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, started off the first hole just fairway, green, 30-footer; almost went in. Picked up whatever for par.

And then she comes over, drains a 30-footer. I was like, All right. Then the next two just slapped it around, got a little quick and missed them right and a quick 3-down.

Then fourth I was like, All right, it's time to regroup and just catch my stride. Just layup off the tee, make a three-shot par-5, and try and make birdie the hard way.

Q. And birdie you did on 4, and then you got one back on 5 and the rest of the front nine was fairly quiet until some fireworks on the back nine. Let's start with 10 and 11. You won with bogey on 10 and then with a birdie on 11 to get it back all square. Take us through the mindset of fighting back to get to all square, and then when you got back to that point what was going through the brain?

JENNY COLEMAN: I wasn't keeping track of where the match was at, so I was just playing and we were walking to the next hole. All right, we're walking to the next hole. Yeah, I felt the tides kind of turn. I was catching my stride, hitting some good shots, making some birdies, some good up and downs, and just trying to keep to my game plan.

Q. Was there anything during the match where you could sense, I don't know, frustration from an opponent or a little bit of pressing at all?

JENNY COLEMAN: No. I think we were both pretty even keeled. I just came off to a sloppy kind of start, and she kind of had a rough patch in the middle, and then I started capitalizing on it and kept moving all the way through the back nine pretty good.

Just stayed patient, but also playing smart.

Q. How easy is it out here to find your way into a run where maybe you're coming back from 3-down like you did, or you're falling 3-down? How easy is it to get into a run one way or the other our here?

JENNY COLEMAN: It's probably easier to get in a run of missing a couple shots and trying to force too much. It's harder to string those birdies together. I mean, you got to be playing well to get that ball close. These greens are firm and fast and you got a lot of long shots. You just got to be patient, and when you got a wedge you got to attack, because that is going to be where you got to make the birdies.

Q. How much momentum can you use off a performance like this heading into tomorrow and Friday?

JENNY COLEMAN: A lot. Just know that I got the game and just keep to my game plan, my strengths, and hope it's good enough.

Q. Do you have much match play experience over your amateur or professional career?

JENNY COLEMAN: No. I've only done -- the last time I played was at 2014 Women's Amateur. Played two rounds of match play there. It was at my grandpa's club in Long Island, New Jersey, and that's it. That's it for my match play experience.

Q. What do you remember from that time?

JENNY COLEMAN: I remember I had a match against a girl and we went to the 18th hole, all the way to 18 I think. We like tied the hole and I was 1up, so won that one.

Then the next one played against Alison Lee. She got me on 17, and so, I mean, made it pretty far.

Q. Yeah, Alison Lee is up right now by 4 so she's not bad at match play.

JENNY COLEMAN: Yeah, she's solid.

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