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May 27, 2021

Bronte Law

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Bronte, that's the way to end a match, ace on No. 17 to take a 2&1 win. Talk us through the hole there. Didn't take long.

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, obviously it's a tricky hole and the wind really gets up there, so it's quite tough to judge it really, given that you can't really feel the wind. It kind of shoots up over the tee box.

When the ball is in the air it looks like it's really traveling. Plan was to aim a little right, pitch it just past on the right-hand side, and obviously never really think about it going in the hole.

But, yeah, just -- I don't have any words other than I had some bad breaks kind of that I got in a run of and just played really good golf all day. Obviously when you get the bad breaks there is not much you can do.

I just stayed positive, kept hitting good shots, and I guess that was my luck was paid back there.

Q. It was quite a match, a second day of another great match, another back and forth with you and Austin, battle of Solheim Cup competitors. Is it fun out there to have that challenge? I'm sure you would like to get a quicker win sometimes maybe.

BRONTE LAW: No, it's always fun. Yeah, it's nice to obviously win as soon as possible, but I kind of live for that competition, so the longer it goes on the more obviously exciting this is.

Austin is a really good friend of mine; we had a great match today. Obviously it's never fun playing against your friends, but you still have to go and get the job done.

Q. At the end of the day, someone has to win. Going back to 17, what club did you use and did you have a good feel when it was in the air?

BRONTE LAW: I was actually in between clubs, so I had to hit like a really controlled 8-iron. So I caught it flush, so it landed a little further than I was trying to, but I guess obviously didn't judge it right to begin with if that's the best result.

But, yeah, if we could go to the casinos I think I would be on the tables this afternoon after that one. (Laughter.)

Q. At least place the bet and walk out.


Q. What was the reaction out there? I know you and Jeff, your caddie, are close. I'm sure he had a great reaction.

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, he was saying it's the first time he's had a hole-in-one in a tournament where he's caddying. I think he's glad that it's not him that's the problem. He's managed to tick that one off his Bucket List.

Yeah, we had a great time out there today. It's tough when the course is a difficult course. You're talking tiny margins between really great shots and kind of leaving yourself in a really bad position.

So the caddies have a really tough job telling us exactly what we need to do so, yeah, he did a really good job out there today. Yeah, just looking for more of the same tomorrow.

Q. How many holes in one in competition is this for you?

BRONTE LAW: I think that's seven, which is actually my lucky number, so there you go.

Q. I think you would still take 8 in this case.

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I probably would.

Q. You're just in a tight group there, four current Solheim Cup competitors: Yourself, Annie, Amy, Austin.


Q. What were the thoughts when you saw those three names that you were going to have to go up against?

BRONTE LAW: I just thought it's typical really, you know, that I was given three Solheim Cup USA members. That's a given.

But I love it. Kind of let's me have my own little Solheim Cup to myself, so, yeah, it's all good.

You have to go out there and ultimately win your game no matter who you're playing against, so that's my intension when I start the day.

But it does feel like I'm -- if I close my eyes I'm playing that Solheim Cup, so that's kind of nice.

Q. You put yourself in a position with a win tomorrow, you and Amy both 1-0-1 right now. With a win tomorrow, at the very least you're playing a playoff to advance to the round of 16. Just the excitement level of this stage of competition and getting down to the nitty-gritty to advance.

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, obviously you just want to put yourself a good position, and that's what I've done, so business as usual tomorrow. Preparing the same and just, yeah, like taking each match as I have done, because obviously I'm doing something right.

So hoping to continue that, and, yeah, like I said, obviously that other match is out of my hands, so I can only go and take care of my match.

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