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May 28, 2021

Nasa Hataoka

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Nasa, you were able to tie your match today. Nonetheless, you advance on to the round of 16 as the winner of Group 10. Some work obviously still to do. How gratifying is it to be the Group 10 winner?

NASA HATAOKA: It was great for me to be able to win the first two days which really helped me carry on this win.

Q. You had a tough match with MJ Hur today. Back and forth throughout the day. Take us through the challenge that it presented and how you can grow from to tomorrow.

NASA HATAOKA: I think the fairway was constantly just getting harder day by day. What I learned when I practice -- what I got at the practice round is not just working out, so I'm going to have to start adjusting on that for tomorrow.

Q. Tomorrow you play Patty Tavatanakit. What do you know about her game and have you ever played with her?

NASA HATAOKA: I've known her since middle school and I first played with her when I was 14, so I know how she plays. And being that she's a real top hitter and her distance is long.

Also winning a major, so I need to keep that in mind and play on.

Q. It's going to be hot this weekend. A little more humid today than maybe early in the week. How does Nasa stay hydrated and rested and fuelled? Any snacks that you really like?

NASA HATAOKA: It's to a point where I have to drink every single hit. Every time I hit I have to drink water because it's so dry. I can't let my body want water so I have to keep drinking.

To keep myself concentrated I keep trying to eat something. Even if it's kind of too hot, I still keep on munching to keep going.

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