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May 28, 2021

Inbee Park

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Inbee Park, who took a 2&1 win over Gaby Lopez to win Group 2 and move on to match play. You've had three days of pretty solid golf. How are you feeling right now?

INBEE PARK: Yeah, I feel good, especially every day is getting a little bit better with the game. And making little more birdies every day, so I feel like my game is coming along.

So it feels good to move on and play the weekend.

Q. You went through a really great streak there from holes 9 through 13 where you won, what, like five in a row to go 3-up. What happened there at No. 9 to really turn the match around for you?

INBEE PARK: Yeah, I got off to a little bit of a slow start today again, and starting No. 9, just like yesterday, I have been playing really good on those holes.

I just -- I think it really fits my eye and I have been playing the holes really smart and really good for last couple days, consistently.

Q. What does it mean when you say fit your eye? What about to work for you?

INBEE PARK: I think it just has a good memory and you feel comfortable standing over the tee. You know how it's going to bounce and you know how I played it yesterday. Trying to repeat whatever I have done yesterday definitely helped.

Q. You move into the round of 16 tomorrow. Going to be playing Sophia Popov who has clinched her group. What do you know about her game? Do you know anything about her game?

INBEE PARK: Yeah, I have played with Sophia quite a few times this year and last year. She's a long hitter so going to hitting quite a ways, just like Gaby today.

So we're going to have some driving distance difference, but going to play a little different game and I think we're going to have a lot of fun.

Q. You are going to be out a lot earlier tomorrow. How does playing in the earlier conditions here with a little less heat -- because it's crazy hot today -- help?

INBEE PARK: Yeah, I'm actually really looking forward to playing a little bit early and beat this heat a little bit. It was quite hard last three days in this heat. Hopefully we have a little bit easier match tomorrow morning.

Q. You've lived here for a long time. Do you ever get used to this heat?

INBEE PARK: I never get used to heat and the dry here. Thank God I'm not living here full time. If I lived here full time my skin will be so dry.

Yeah, I think it's just something that's really hard to get used to. But I've played in had this before a lot more than other girls, so hopefully that helps.

Q. As the week goes on, having lost your grandpa like you talked about last week, has it been kind of -- obviously been tough -- but can you feel him out there with you?

INBEE PARK: Yeah, of course. I mean, even if he was alive and even if he's gone, I still feel like he's always with me, especially on the golf course. I know how passionate he was about golf, and he would be so excited to see me play and play good as well.

Yeah, I'm doing great for him.

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