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May 28, 2021

Brittany Altomare

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Brittany Altomare, let me make sure I got this right. You needed to win today. Sei Young Kim beat you in regulation so you went to a playoff and you won on the second extra hole. Take us through what a crazy 20 holes it was today.

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, it was long. I just feel like I haven't really started my rounds off very well. Towards the end there I started to get in a groove and continued the last two holes in the playoff.

I felt good the last couple holes, so felt like -- I mean, they're hard holes to start, so I felt like if you just played smart, could get it done.

Q. Hard holes to start and hard holes to finish.

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: At least I think they're hard holes to start.

Q. I think many would agree with you. Quick correction, 19 total holes for you today.


Q. You won two of the final three -- yeah, two of the final three down the stretch in regulation to provide probably a little momentum.

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, I thought so. I made a couple good putts coming in to keep the match going, so that definitely helped me in the last couple holes in the playoff.

Q. When you went to 1, what was the thinking, just the drive over there and just having to continue to play?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Honestly, like I said, I feel like those first couple were the hardest holes in the world for some reason for me. I really just wanted to focus literally on one shot at a time and make sure I give myself opportunities, and I did that, so that's good.

Q. Sweet redemption?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, that's actually exactly what I said to my caddie after walking off 2.

Q. That's awesome. So you play Shanshan tomorrow in the round of 16.


Q. What do you know about Shanshan's game and do you remember the last time you played with her?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: You know, I don't remember the last time I played with her but I always remember I really like playing and Shanshan. She's quick and doesn't mess around, so I think it'll be a good match. I'm excited.

Q. Potentially 72 holes over the weekend if you can win this thing. How does Brittany Altomare stay hydrated and fuelled, and any go-to snacks on the course?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: I've been drinking a lot water. They have a good PB&J station here, so I've been eating a bunch of those, which has been really nice.

Q. PB&Js to go are always good.


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