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May 28, 2021

Jenny Shin

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Jenny Shin, winner of Group 6. Jenny, you needed to beat Alison Lee in regulation; you did that 4&2 and went on to win on the fourth extra hole of a sudden death playoff. Let's start with regulation. When you stepped on 1 tee today what was the mindset?

JENNY SHIN: It was a little bit difficult. She's my neighbor. She's my friend, one of my closest friends out here. So like she literally lives walking distance away from me. It was a little bit difficult because we couldn't keep that pose or like -- I don't know.

But I just tried to play my game. Tried not to smack talk too much. Kept it pretty light. On the 1st hole I hit it down to the left and I had to give the hole away. 2nd hole I bounced back with a birdie.

So overall it was a pretty tight match until the very end. She kind of gave it away a few holes, and then I was able to hold my position.

Q. Maybe you couldn't keep it as light as you wanted to, is that the word you were looking for?

JENNY SHIN: We tried. We tried to talk about the daily things we always talk about. We text every night, so we were just continuing the conversation from last night.

Because it is match play after all, and if we start acting different -- I just didn't want it to affect anything going forward.

Q. I'm sure it won't. She won a couple holes, Nos. 5 and 6, and then you won 8. She was 1-up when you guys made the turn. As you made the turn, what was going through your mind? Obviously nine holes, a lot of golf to play and just 1-down.

JENNY SHIN: She made a mistake coming down the last few holes on the front nine and I thought, Hey, this is my chance. No. 10 I hit a really good shot and I hit a really second shot and I left myself a five-foot birdie putt. Made that. I think that was pretty pivotal. That made the match square at that point, I believe.

And then after that she kind of kept making bogeys and I just kept making pars, doing my thing. Turned out pretty good.

Q. Yeah, you won, let's see here, you won 5 of your last seven holes to win 4&2.


Q. Was there a turning point? I know you said towards the last couple holes on the front nine she maybe was struggling just a little bit. Was there a turning hole or point that you can remember that led to your dominant run on the back nine?

JENNY SHIN: Definitely 10th birdie gave me a really good position, and then 11th hole I gave myself a good par, because it's a really tough green to -- well, I think it's impossible to stop the ball. I don't know how anybody could stop the ball there. So I put myself in a good position to get myself a par.

Unfortunately she didn't, and then after that it just kind of started going downhill. So I tried to par it out the rest of the holes and get a birdie when I can.

Q. Then you guys took the shuttle over to 1 again and it was back to the front nine that you had already seen today, four extra holes. You won on the par-5. Just take us through that hole specifically and how it was won.

JENNY SHIN: Well, I saw Alison grab a driver on the tee box, and knowing how she hits it a little bit farther than I do, I don't think that was a driver hole for her. She hit a pretty good drive but it went straight down into the tree and then she was down in the mulch.

Tried to get it out, but she was hitting through the trees and it was -- she put herself in a very difficult position. I didn't hit my drive the best but I kept it short of the tree and -- sorry -- and then I put myself in a position for a decent third shot where I can get it on the green.

She unfortunately couldn't do that, so I finished out with a birdie.

Q. And you play Eun Hee Jie in the round of 16 tomorrow. What do you know about her game and being on tour with her?

JENNY SHIN: Well, I've known her for 11 years and we both have the same main sponsor, so we've been like a team for a while. So I know her game; she knows my game. I think it would be a bit of a mind game out there.

I'm very happy for her, but may the best win.

Q. So the Q sales team going head-to-head tomorrow.

JENNY SHIN: Yeah, I know. My sponsor always hates that. They're like why do my teammates always play together?

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