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May 28, 2021

Mel Reid

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Mel, I want to start off with this: You won five of the last seven holes to win 1-up over Hannah Green. How the heck do you do that?

MEL REID: I have no idea. Yeah, I mean, I played a lot better today. Just had a bit of a blip on 15. Playing with Hannah, she's such a good girl and obviously a great player. Like honestly it was a really great match.

Like she played great; I played great. It wasn't a sloppy match or anything. Yeah, it was great to get her at the end, but, yeah, I mean, 3-down with, what, seven to play and winning on the last was obviously a little treat at the end of the day.

Q. When you were 3-down through 11 and you stepped on 12, what was going through the brain?

MEL REID: I mean, I made a sloppy -- kind of gave her the hole on 10. Pulled my gap wedge left so she just had a par to win that hole, and then she birdied 11.

She birdied 11, I mean -- what did I do on 12?

Q. Eagled.

MEL REID: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bit of a waste of an eagle because she dunked it in the bunker for a second shot, so bit of a waste of an eagle, but you never know with Hannah.

Yeah, I mean, I just played solid coming in. Obviously had an eagle, couple birdies. I mean, probably the shot of the day was probably that one on 17. Knocked it to about five or six feet. She knocked it over the back.

That was probably the best shot of the day for the situation. We made a great call on 18. We hit just in the left rough. We could have gone for the 7-iron but there in no way the holding the greens out of the rough today, so we decided to layup.

Paid off. That was all I needed. Yeah, just it was just really, really good match. I'm pretty tired right now. Obviously nice to get the win.

Q. Did she concede 12 then?


Q. So fair to say the easiest eagle you ever made in your life?

MEL REID: Oh, no. I had to hole it. I dunked it from 80 yards. I know, it's incredible. Carly was watching, my fiance, and she was like, I've never seen you do that. I was like, Oh, cheers. Thanks. She obviously didn't say my golf game is that impressive, but she enjoyed that one. I think she downed a beer after that.

Q. Yeah, she walked by and she was like, Rock on.

MEL REID: Oh, yeah. She downed two in the playoff. I made a birdie and I turned around and she's on one knee just -- that's why I'm marrying her. I'm not stupid?

Q. You found your soul mate.

MEL REID: Exactly.

Q. So 80 yards, what club?

MEL REID: It was -- it was 90 yards. I hit like a kind of a half 60-degree. We just wanted to land it on like 80 yards, which is kind of what it's been doing. Apparently it just skipped and landed in the hole nicely.

Q. And then Aza, you beat her on the 1st hole, the par-4 1st.


Q. Take us through that hole.

MEL REID: I hit driver off there. Pretty aggressive play, but I'm not scared of kind of the right rough, which is obviously the miss. We can carry the hazard on the left, so just hit a nice drive. Cut it a little bit more than I wanted just in the right rough, and we knew from the morning -- or from the afternoon match that that was rock solid at the front.

So we just chipped a little again, a little half gap wedge. Pitched probably two yards short of the green and rolled up nicely to about six foot. Yeah, managed to hole the putt, which was nice.

I didn't don't really want to play my more holes. I was a bit tired, so I tried to get it done as quickly as possible.

Q. To come out of that group, out of Group 9 with a major champion, a veteran Solheim Cup USA team member, and then a Solheim Cup teammate of yours. Got to be pretty proud of yourself.

MEL REID: Yeah, obviously like I said, it's top 64 players or 62 players in the world. You know, every match is gonna be a hard match. They're all very, very good players. Yeah, I looked at my group and I like all three of the girls, so that obviously makes the matches a little bit more pleasant.

Yeah, I mean, you have to play well to beat these girls. Really, really happy to win my group and to be playing the weekend.

Q. Minjee tomorrow. What do you know about Minjee's game and just her as a person?

MEL REID: She's really good. I know Gilly, her caddie, really well. I know him probably better than Minjee. But obviously a great player. She's not going to do much wrong, so I'm going to have to step it up and bring a good game tomorrow.

You know, it's match play. Anything can happen. Just going to give it our best and see what happens.

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