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May 28, 2021

Ariya Jutanugarn

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Ariya Jutanugarn, Group 16 winner to advance to the round of 16. Tied your match with Carlota today and went into an extra hole and defeated Sarah Schmelzel to advance. Let's start with the round today. You got up by as much as three and Carlota made a comeback at the end to tie you. Take us through the hot start.

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: I have pretty good start. You know I been hit the ball good, rolling the putter well.

Just start to feel a bit weird on my back nine, so I miss some shot and lose like three hole in a row. Like so kind of like my momentum a bit like off, you know, but pretty good be able to come back and have chance to playoff.

Q. You were able to win 18 after losing the three straight look you mentioned. Did that provide a little bit of momentum, Hey, let's finish this out?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: Feel better because like I hit a bit like nervous about my tee shot on 18, but I hit it good, and you know Ciganda miss left, so I feel pretty good chance to win the hole, and I win on 18, so, you know, I give myself like chance to go playoff.

Q. Take us through, if you could, just that first playoff hole and how it played out for you and Sarah.

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: My playoff hole I hit perfect 3-iron off the tee and I had like 130 to the pin and I hit 56-degree and, you know, short, short and make two-putt.

Q. And than won it.


Q. A nice par.


Q. That's nice when you can do that. You're used to the heat. Today was a little more humid maybe than the rest of the week here. With 72 holes coming up potentially this weekend if you were to win, how do you plan to stay hydrated and some snacks?

ARIYA JUTANUGARN: You know, just making sure I drink enough water. And, you know, this weather, is can't be hotter than Thailand, so it's not too bad for me. We never know how many round we going to play, so just making sure I rest enough, drink lots of water.

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