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May 28, 2021

Cary Cozby

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Quick Quotes

Southern Hills Country Club

THE MODERATOR: Welcome back to the 2021 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. We're here at Southern Hills Country Club, Tulsa, Oklahoma. We're with Cary Cozby. Second round, 6-over par, 76. I'm going to ask you the one golf question and then we can get on the other stuff. Better play today. With a highlight moment there in the last hour on the 5th hole. Maybe talk about that.

CARY COZBY: No, the 5th hole, I hit a good drive and I had like 260 something to the front and I hit a hybrid just off maybe a pace off the edge of the green and pin was down on the right and just putted it up there and it looked good the whole way, I was watching it and it went in, which was fun with all the crew over there on the cart path watching above. So it was fun to hear that yell.

THE MODERATOR: Did you high five Banks?

CARY COZBY: Banks about broke my arm with his high five. So it was -- he knocked me in the bunkers, I thought he was going to chest bump me over to do a somersault. So he was fired up. It was special to have our family and friends and all the had a bunch of our outside service guys were walking along too. That was cool. I spend a lot of time with our outside crew, so a little good moment there.

THE MODERATOR: Making memories. Questions?

Q. I was just going to have you elaborate even more on that shot. Just pretty emotional. We were fired up over there. It was awesome.

CARY COZBY: No, it was cool and that thing looked good shot the minute it left the putter. So I normally putt well and I didn't putt well either day. That was really the only putt of any length that I made. So kind of like I said yesterday, had you showed me where I was going to drive it today and get off to -- I didn't get off to as good a start, or as solid a start as yesterday. I would have thought I would have played two good rounds and been fine for trying to get the low club pro spot. And but I just at the end of the day it was fun to watch Jay and Tom, especially for Banks's standpoint, I told him on 9 I said, Both these putts, if they don't go in they will be really close because both of them need to make the putt to make the cut. I think. I think that's, if I was following it right.

But they're class acts. They showed Banks, when they didn't have their best, how to play golf. And obviously tournaments, I don't play as many tournaments and get as much -- I'm certainly not in this arena -- so back to work to try to get a little better, because I hope -- I don't plan on this to be the last time I play in the Senior PGA, so...

Q. You hit on Banks there a couple times. Just the whole experience with Banks this week.

CARY COZBY: Unbelievable. Yeah, I don't, there's no words you can certainly put on it just because hanging out with my favorite person on earth and getting to walk the fairways with two legends of the game and again in this arena and at home and in front of all of our family and friends, yeah, beyond special to spend that time with him inside the ropes and feel what it feels like. I've wanted to do what these guys do since I was younger than him. Yeah.

Q. Can we talk about what happened on 6?

CARY COZBY: You bet.

Q. You took your shoe off and everyone went crazy.

CARY COZBY: Well I made kind of a non-committed swing, I wasn't sure I had the right club and just made a bad swing. And it hit -- I couldn't quite see it -- but it hit, it rolled in I was like, well I got to hit that. It was above the water just kind of maybe the bottom quarter of the ball was in the water, so just about like a bunker shot, so I like, and if I don't I'm going to get -- I should have been booed if I wouldn't have hit that shot. So I misread the putt. I was like, you got to make the putt now so. But it was fun. So good thing I know where to get some new clothes so I can walk a few feet behind me and grab a new shirt and a pair of pants and a hat. Banks on 7 goes, You stink. (Laughing) got the mud and muck all over me, so...

Q. Did I see did you qualify for the U.S. Senior Open?

CARY COZBY: No, I'm an alternate. So I need some help to get in there. That would be fun. This would be a good experience for me playing tournaments and got a few of our section events between now and then, so hopefully get a little luck and keep working on the game. Obviously learned a lot like we always do playing golf. I learned a ton. Not just the past two days but playing practice rounds with great players, playing rounds with some of the pros that came in the past few weeks. Those are really good rounds for me, just because they're uncomfortable rounds, that's how you get better is to play uncomfortable rounds and so I hope that there's a chance I get in. I need a lot of luck, I'm sure. But it's better than no chance.

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