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May 28, 2021

Tyler Myers

Hoover, Alabama, USA

Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

Ole Miss Rebels

Postgame Press Conference

Mississippi - 4, Vanderbilt - 1

Q. Tyler, that's your third start in like three years for you, and obviously with everything you went through with Tommy John and all that, to have this moment, to have that effort on that big of a stage, what are you feeling right now?

TYLER MYERS: Words can't describe right now. I'm so excited, so happy. Extremely blessed for the opportunity that I was able to get the ball tonight and shine.

Q. For you, what was the plan? What was the approach and the attack for that?

TYLER MYERS: Just trust everything I have for my three pitches and just know that I have a great defense behind me and just have that relationship with my catcher, and he helped me tighten my head mentally and just stay strong.

Q. Did you know you had this kind of length in you?

TYLER MYERS: Not really. I just inning by inning, pitch by pitch. I was just having the mentality go out there and compete, one pitch at a time, be strong, and just see where it takes me.

Q. Obviously, you didn't have very much success against this Vanderbilt lineup two weeks ago. What changed for you that you were able to mow them down super efficiently this time?

TYLER MYERS: Coach B talked to me beforehand and said, you don't have to throw the ball harder, you don't have to throw your slider better, just execute pitches in, out, up, down, and that's how you'll be successful. I believed in him and trusted that, and that's what I did.

Q. You just kind of mentioned it there, but how have you kind of seen your game progress like obviously until this start? You touched on it a little bit there, but what kind of was the full thing that kind of separated your game today?

TYLER MYERS: If we lost, we were out of the game and out of this tournament. We don't want to go home as a team, and we have something to prove. Everyone came with their best stuff today. The hitters came in facing a really good pitcher, Jack Leiter, and he threw a really, really good ball game. We just came out successful, and it was awesome.

Q. Tyler, how big of a day was this for you considering that you also got in to Ole Miss grad school today?

TYLER MYERS: It's awesome. I'm so happy to be in Oxford for two more years and especially be around this program. After that athletic training, I'm going to be able to be around baseball, so I couldn't be more happy. And then the success today, it's truly a blessing, and I couldn't thank God enough.

Q. Is this one of the weirdest days you ever experienced?

TYLER MYERS: Yeah, I haven't started since -- I haven't had a conference start since junior college, and just to have the ball and have that trust in our coaches and my players to be able to go out there, it's an unreal feeling.

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