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May 28, 2021

Kevin Graham

Hoover, Alabama, USA

Hoover Metropolitan Stadium

Ole Miss Rebels

Postgame Press Conference

Mississippi - 4, Vanderbilt - 1

Q. Kevin, you've been around Tyler for a long time, you know what he's been through, and everything he's had to come back from. To see him have that day and that performance, just from your vantage point, what was that like for you?

KEVIN GRAHAM: That was awesome to watch. So proud of him. The way he's worked since last fall when he got hurt. I haven't seen anyone work harder that I've played with ever in my life. For him to come out and pitch like that was a really special moment.

Q. Three straight days -- you know what you're going to get from Doug, but three straight days where you had incredible pitching performances from guys that you needed to step up. From an offensive standpoint and confidence moving forward into the regional, how big of a boost is that for you, do you think?

KEVIN GRAHAM: Yeah, come postseason time, you need guys to step up. They're all fully capable. This time of year, little extra pressure postseason can really elevate guys' games, and it's been fun to watch. We really need it.

Q. Just with the combination of how you guys are playing here with the last few weekends, how they went, of the regular season, do you think you guys are starting to peak right now? Do you think you're playing your best baseball of the year as a team?

KEVIN GRAHAM: I wouldn't say a peak. I think this has been us all year. We've had some tough breaks there in the middle of the season, but we played well all year. Just couldn't finish off a few game. We're finally starting to finish those off and keep rolling.

Q. I think you've been to Hoover twice, and you've won six or seven elimination games. What do you guys do to kick it into gear to kind of win these games to stave off elimination and stay in the tournament?

KEVIN GRAHAM: That's what postseason baseball is all about, win or go home. Our team loves that. We thrive under that pressure, and I think guys just elevate their game when they know they might be going home the next day.

Q. There's always a debate about whether this tournament matters and whether teams should try to win or try to save for regionals. What about this tournament matters to you guys?

KEVIN GRAHAM: If you're going to come here, why aren't you going to try to win? Of course it matters.

Q. This is a park through the years where potential home run balls go to die. Does how big this park plays intimidate you at all? Here you are with your second straight game with a homer.

KEVIN GRAHAM: No. Actually, it plays pretty well out here, especially during the day. You got the wind blowing out a lot of times and the Heat. It plays a lot smaller than it is.

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