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February 2, 2006

Henrik Stenson


Q. Henrik, congratulations on last week. You must be feeling a bit tired coming into this week.

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it was tough to get going early on in the week. Yesterday in the Pro Am it was difficult to lift a golf club. I'm quite pleased with the score today. Got a pretty good number.

Q. The round today, the highs and lows?

HENRIK STENSON: Just started off with a birdie and then dropped one on 4 and then made a good birdie on 7. So it was not too much happening and made a good run there and made birdie on 10, 11. Chipped in for eagle on 13 and had a couple of chances for birdie on the last couple of holes.

Q. I know you've played with Tiger before, but what's it like? Did you enjoy it?

HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely. I like playing with him. He's obviously the best player we've got in the world. So it's a challenge and it makes me try and make my best. I enjoy it.

Q. Your goals this week, what would you be aiming for?

HENRIK STENSON: I've had a few good runs together just taking it week by week and try and have a good week.

Q. Ryder Cup points?

HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely, I would like to have more at end of the week.

Q. You were just talking about you were ten yard short of Tiger, was there much competition?

HENRIK STENSON: Not really. I don't feel I swung the club that great today so I played quite a few 3 woods. He was 15 or 20 yards further on a couple of the other ones. I hit driver on a few holes where he hit. I just tried to keep it together, really and put a good number on the board.

Q. Do you ever feel an element of match play?

HENRIK STENSON: Oh, I don't know, it's so early in the competition. Really you just try and play six holes together in the last six and then it's a match play situation perhaps. It's very early. Of course when he's making birdie, I'll try to follow it.

Q. Did you chat?

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, chatted a bit, a few jokes.

Q. Anything in particular, the long hitting?


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