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May 27, 2021

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Quick Quotes

Southern Hills Country Club

THE MODERATOR: We are with Miguel Angel Jiménez who opened with a 2-under-par 68. Miguel, I see a heck of a round of golf, maybe one unfortunate hole I bet you wish you had a redo. But that's not going to take away from a really well played morning for you.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Yeah, I played very solid. You know, I made a bad mistake on hole No. 15, just missed my drive a little bit on the left, and then it's a flier. I want to make it hold, but with this Bermuda the ball is going flier and the result is almost impossible. I try to make a flop shot but the ball is going a little bit too far from the club, and well, this is a -- it happens. That's golf. You have to take it. But keep the nerves down, keep the situation, birdie the next hole. That helps you to keep going.

Q. If we're going to talk about the double on 15, let's talk about the birdie on 16, which leaves a good taste in your mouth.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Yeah, hit a nice tee shot there and I had like 140 meters to the hole with a little downwind off the left, and I hit a 9-iron, just a soft 9-iron there, but it pitched a couple meters past the hole and I holed a putt that -- probably five meters putt, a little bit downhill, downgrain there, very straight putt. Put it in the hole, and that give you wings to get going there.

Q. This has got to be a golf course that if someone like yourself is going to win, they're going to have to put the bad moments behind them as quickly as possible and come out and rebound.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Yeah, the main thing is patience. People are going to make mistakes but people are going to make birdies. Everything is going to happen out there on the course, and then as you say you have to take all these bad situations on the golf course and just put it away and keep focused because the golf course is generous from the tee but it's tough to the greens. They are very slopey greens, fast greens. Not as fast as I remember when I played here before, but they are -- you still need to be below the hole because if you are on the wrong side of the green, you're always going to have a very tricky putt where you cannot be aggressive, and that probably is the key; patience and be below the hole.

Q. Must be nice, I've got to think you're happy to get your 18 holes in, sign your scorecard and kind of sit back and see what comes weather-wise. Maybe it won't come, but that must be pleasing for you to get this in.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Yeah, well, it's nice to play today in the morning. It's quite a breezy day all day long, and I don't know if it's going to come in, the thunderstorm, but at least we're going to skip that thing if it's coming. You know, as you say, I'm now going to have a quick lunch, smoke a nice fat cigar and then a little putt and go have a rest. This morning I wake up at 5:00 in the morning and now I need to rest a little bit.

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