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August 27, 1996

Andrei Pavel


Q. What is your opinion about Marcelo Rios today.

ANDREI PAVEL: My opinion about Marcelo Rios?

Q. Yes.

ANDREI PAVEL: He's playing pretty fast. He proved before he's one of the top players. I've been injured for a long time. I played against him in 1992, Juniors, French Open. In second round, I beat him that time. I won the French Open Juniors. I had an operation on my elbow, an operation on my foot. Now I've kind of come back. I have also a coach now, and I'm working hard with him. For me to qualify here, win three rounds in the quallies, playing against Marcelo five sets, was a bit difficult. I played a good first set, but then he was all over me.

Q. Did the fact that you won the first set make you think that you could win the match?

ANDREI PAVEL: Not only the fact that I won the first set. I'm playing the same tennis as all the top players, but it's just a bit of confidence, a bit more conditioning, I'm going to be up there, too.

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