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May 23, 2021

Elizabeth Szokol

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Kingsmill River Course

Quick Quotes

Q. T6 ties a career best.


Q. How pleased are you with the overall effort you showed this week in your college state?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Yeah, I'm really happy. I had the last three weeks off and really worked hard, and I'm happy to see some results and seeing that paying off. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

Q. U.S. Women's Open is your next stop.


Q. Qualified for that.


Q. Take us through the qualifying experience. What was at that like?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Brutal. Long day, 36 holes in the heat. But happy to get it done and be able to qualify. So course was playing tough there and just really excited. It's my first U.S. Women's Open, so can't wait to tee it up in a couple weeks.

Q. Where is was it at, your qualifier?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Bradenton, Florida.

Q. A little different grass and feel of a course I would imagine than Olympic Club is gonna be.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Definitely yes, but I'll have plenty of time to adjust for Olympic to looking forward to it.

Q. What do you plan to do for the week off, whether it be rest, fun activities, golf? How do you prepare for a U.S. Open?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: A little bit of both. I'm going back to Chicago for about two days to see the family and hang out, which will be nice, and then going to Tampa and work with my coach and get some good practice and fly out west.

Q. You're going everywhere.

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: I am going everywhere, yes. Oh, boy.

Q. Have you ever seen, heard, what have you heard about Olympic Club? Seen anything about it?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: A friend just sent mean some pictures. She was out there playing it yesterday. My coach has played it, so he was telling me some things. Sounds like it'll be a good test of golf and seems like it's going to be a great golf course.

Q. Was there anything from this week that you can visualize over the next week just to kind of keep that competitive spirit up?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: Yeah, I was working hard on just putting and wedges, and I'm going to keep that up. And my shorter putts felt a lot better this week all week and felt pretty solid. Going to keep working on that.

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