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May 23, 2021

Louis Oosthuizen

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island

Quick Quotes

JOHN DEVER: We are joined by Louis Oosthuizen who just posted a 1-under 73 today, finishes the championship at 4-under par.

Louis, it seemed like your game just seemed to be somewhat caught in neutral all day and you couldn't get too much movement forward to press Phil. Is that what you felt out there?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was a slow start. But felt I hit decent iron shots. I thought -- the ones that I hit a poor putt, I stroked it really nice today and just didn't make anything. Every single putt I hit finished right behind the hole, and you know, so it was frustrating with that.

But you know, another second place, you know, I've got to take it. But I feel like I could have probably get two or three more shots out of my game.

Q. When you are on the chase like today, you're looking at the leaderboard, do you adapt your strategy as you go?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I tried to be as aggressive as I could without doing stupid things. You know, 13, my third shot, I felt like I had to be aggressive to give myself maybe a 15-footer for par and just caught it off the heel, and if it's windy like that in a crosswind, you know the wind is going to take it into the water.

It was just a bad strike. But coming in, I thought I hit it well, started hitting my driver really good and made good putts and a good chip on 17, and wasn't meant to be.

Q. You seemed to lose the momentum, the birdie on 12 and the double there. Does that knock you down a peg?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: 13 today, a 5 would have been fine there. That was such a tough golf hole. Bogey would have been fine. Like I said, I felt sometimes in a round of golf, you need to take on that one shot, and if I pulled it off, I would have had probably a 10-, 15-footer for par. But I felt at that stage, I think I was four behind. I needed to do something. Yeah, didn't happen.

Q. We remember you a few years ago lip-synching to "Rise Up" when you completed the Grand Slam of second-place finishes, which says a lot about the way you're able to process what was a disappointing moment. What does that say to you that you're able to smile about it?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Look, I feel like I'm playing my heart out to get a second major, and I do know I have the game to do it. This was close. My game wasn't great on the weekend. It was better today than yesterday. So I just need to work harder on it to get myself in contention again.

Q. It does look as though Phil Mickelson is going to win this tournament. What do you think about what an extraordinary achievement that is for a man who is almost 51 who has not done this for eight years?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: The golf shots he hit yesterday, not looking at the two bad tee shots he hit, was very impressive. It was like the Phil that I remember watching just when I turned pro and it was great to see. I mean, what an achievement to win a major at 50 years old, and he deserves all of that today. It was not easy with the wind, and you know, he kept calm and obviously going to win this. That's unbelievable and great stuff.

JOHN DEVER: I know the margin is razor thin, but what was the difference between your play Friday and the weekend?

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, Friday just rhythm was key in that windy conditions, and it is different playing straight into the wind and straight down like we did on Friday. Today it was tough. You know, we played basically nine holes in -- from 5 through 13 it was in off the left and strong off the left. It's not your favorite wind to play in, and when it turned on 14, I felt like I could be a little more aggressive and hit my shots. So, you know, definitely rhythm was a lot better on Friday. Today and yesterday, I probably tried a little bit too much.

JOHN DEVER: We appreciate your time all week. Terrific play. We hope you take it forward and have a terrific summer.

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