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May 23, 2021

Robert MacIntyre

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island

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JOHN DEVER: We are joined by Robert MacIntyre, who finished off his '21 PGA Championship with a 73 today, 1-over par. He is 5-over par for the championship.

Robert, maybe if you could assess your play today and maybe talk a little bit about the reversal of the wind patterns that we've seen through the week that a lot of people are talking about and what you experienced out there.

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, I feel like I played good. I've just had about four unlucky breaks, had to take a penalty shot out of a plugged lie in a bunker. 17 there, I just took one bounce and plugged in a downslope. Well, on the bank of the bunker couldn't move it forward, had to go sideways, made double.

The scores are out there to get. Just disappointed with how it ended up.

Q. Just to follow up to that question, in terms of the positives from this week, so many positives, only two double-bogeys over 72 holes on a really demanding golf course, so what's the positives?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, it is, but that's two too many. I'm playing some great golf, and I'm livid right now with the way I finished. I was 3-under par through three. I should never be shooting over par. I don't care what golf course I play on, it's not acceptable.

Q. Obviously now the tournaments come quick and fast.

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, all I want to do is go home right now. But we're going to Denmark, obviously, after this. I've got to get my head around the disappointment, but that's golf. We take the good with the rough. This was a rough one, but we've just got to get on with it.

Q. What's your earliest memory of watching Phil Mickelson play? And what are your impressions of what he's been doing this week?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, I mean, I've looked up to Phil. I've never had the chance to speak to him or spend a round with him. I've just obviously watched him on TV growing up. I mean, I've watched him do everything in golf. That's the reason I pushed myself to get to where I am now was watching him.

What he's doing this week is incredible. He hadn't missed a shot for the first kind of -- I don't know, up to the 12th hole yesterday, I felt like he was unstoppable, and then obviously tough coming in, but he's going to be in there with a chance to win today, which everyone is trying to do that in the tournament.

JOHN DEVER: Thanks for stopping by. Best of luck moving forward to you. Thank you.

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