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May 22, 2021

Webb Simpson

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island

Quick Quotes

JOHN DEVER: We are pleased to be joined by Webb Simpson. Webb registered a 3-under par 69 today in the third round, and is currently 2-over par for the championship.

Pretty solid play out there, Webb. Kind of tell us how you felt about your game out there and the conditions, what we might be seeing out there today.

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, even though I shot 3-under, it was a bit of a frustrating back nine. I had a clean front nine 3-under, birdied 11 and then just made a couple bad mistakes. Three-putt on 12, a couple bogeys from the middle of the fairway but I made a lot of birdies, birdied 14 and 16, so a bit up-and-down on the back.

But my game was better today for sure than the first two days and it was nice to make a lot of birdies. I didn't make many birdies the first couple days. Conditions were good. We didn't have much wind at all on the front. Picked up on the back, I guess probably what's normal here. But I don't think it's going to get too hard for the guys out there.

Q. With the wind shift, how difficult was that closing five?

WEBB SIMPSON: We still had hurt. It was just a matter of now we're hurry right-to-left instead of straight in left-to-right. I definitely like it better. It makes maybe 17 a little harder because now you've got to start it over the water, but overall, it's a nice adjustment. I generally like to see the ball go right-to-left, and so those holes were a little more comfortable for me with that wind.

Q. It seemed like and you Ben were both playing well out there and having a good time. What was your experience like playing with Ben?

WEBB SIMPSON: I was impressed. He seems like he's been on Tour ten years. You know, a top-50 player in the world. He played great, really all day. So I know he's still trying to play he said, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him out here.

Q. You guys had the same score today going shot-for-shot. Did it shock you to see him improving out there? How would you describe his game and playing with PGA Professionals all week in general?

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it's a great thing, you know, that we get to see kind of the best of that world come out and compete against us.

I think most people always want to see how good is the highest level in any sport. And they are not ordinary golfers. They are professionals, and you know, they don't really do this for a living like we do all the time. So it's fun, you know, to see him out there. I played with Rob Labritz in my practice round this year and last year, so I know him a little bit. Played with Omar Uresti, and played with Ben today, under weekend conditions in a major championship, he did great, and made a 2 on 17.

My caddie, we walked off the green on 17 and he said, "This guy, how does he lose any tournament he plays in? He should be out here with us." Impressive.

Q. If you've been such a good ball-striker for so long, it seems like you're not overly technical like some of the guys on Tour. Just curious what are some keys that you use to refine your golf swing?

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, we always let the golf ball tell us how we are striking it and how we are hitting it. My best ball-striking always seems to be when I have shallow divots and they kind of start there.

From the beginning part of this year until Augusta on Saturday, I was too steep making these big divots, not hitting the ball as solid as I normally do. So we always seem to be trying to shallow it out a little bit. And for me, you know, typically, I get the club a little too far inside on my backswing and I kind of lift it up. So we are always trying to work, keep it on the right path for me, while making a big turn.

So I'm not like spot on right now, but we're getting close.

Q. Three days now with the rangefinders, do you think it speeds it up and can you imagine a day when they are allowed on Tour?

WEBB SIMPSON: I was definitely against it coming in but we have seen how there's a lot of situation where is it helps. I was in the right rough on 10 yesterday, so you know, it's a funky angle to that back left pin and my rangefinder got about six yards different than what we had come up with.

So you know, then carries over bunkers, if they move the tee up, instead of walking it off and calculating it in the yardage book, we're just able to shoot it. I think I was one of those old school guys thinking we're going to need both numbers still, it's going to slow down play, but I actually I do think it's been a good thing. The more we did it each round, the more I like it.

Q. And next year, can you imagine a day where it will be allowed on Tour?

WEBB SIMPSON: It's a great question. I could see it going either way. I could see the Tour thinking we do it all the time when we're home, we do it in final rounds, Pro-Ams, might as well let us keep doing the same things, especially since no one has advantage over the other.

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