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May 22, 2021

Perrine Delacour

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Kingsmill River Course

Quick Quotes

Q. Perrine, a solid day for you. Nice 4-under 64. Only one bogey on the card, five total birdies. Take us through the day, and first of all, how good it felt to put a good number together.

PERRINE DELACOUR: It felt really good. I have especially a strong finish with I think 3- our 4-under to the last couple holes, so pretty good.

I miss an eagle putt on 18, but I'm pretty happy about my day and looking forward for tomorrow.

Q. Bogey-free back nine and birdies at 12, 15, 16 and 18. Some good momentum I would imagine to finish like that.

PERRINE DELACOUR: Yeah, my putter was pretty good on the back nine. We are friend on the back nine. No, I mean, I played solid during the day. Course is hard. With those green there is rock, so it's hard to get close to the pin, so you know you're going to have to make some good putts unless you're just going to make some pars.

Q. How different was the finishing stretch today with the tee boxes up on 15 and 18 and some reachable holes?

PERRINE DELACOUR: Well, actually 15 playing into the wind today was reachable but not as easy as before because we still have to hit a good 5-wood to get on the green.

18 reachable, I mean, you need to play a really good tee shot to get on the green because it's really tight. I play amazing tee shot and I got lucky to get on the green, so...

Q. You put yourself in contention. You're only four shots back right now. Leaders have a few more holes to go, but in contention going into a Sunday. How good does that feel?

PERRINE DELACOUR: Yeah, I'm really happy about it. Tomorrow it's another day, so I'm just going to keep playing my best golf and see what it's going to be.

Q. Last time we saw you competitively was the L.A. Open a little over three weeks ago. What did you do during the time off to get ready for this event?

PERRINE DELACOUR: I took some time off from golf. I get my vaccine, COVID vaccine, and I practice and enjoyed being home.

Q. Nothing special?


Q. Just a good time to relax?


Q. Take us through how different this course maybe has been playing from years past.

PERRINE DELACOUR: It's really different. The grass, it's totally burned so it make the course really hard. Like green-wise and the fairway, ball rolling a lot.

But it's different. I mean, it's playing like a links. I also like when it's really green. It's the place, one of my favorite spot on the tour, so it's nice to be here.

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