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May 21, 2021

Jennifer Song

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Kingsmill River Course

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice 2-under day.


Q. I feel like the way the course is playing, 1-over to 1-under is probably pretty good, and then anything below that is fantastic out there.

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I think course is definitely playing different than the other years. Used to be like plush and a lot of rain and you don't get to see a lot of the ball run out so much.

This year it's completely different condition. Ball from tee to green, tee shots are rolling out a lot. So I'm definitely hitting shorter irons into the greens, so I think that's an advantage.

And greens are crusty so we really have to think about where we need to land, so I've been having a lot of fun the last two days.

Q. You finished T8 here in '19?


Q. '18 or '19? But that was during the plush conditions. A lot of rye in there.


Q. Now it's firm and fast. Which is better? You're playing well both ways.

JENNIFER SONG: I think anything is good when you're playing well, right? But I like the fairways to be a little more plush. I think I get to use more clubs that way.

But I still like -- I love this condition. I like playing on conditions where the greens are firm and fast, and that's how it is right now. I love putting on fast greens, so I think that's one of the reasons why I'm playing well.

And I love using my putter, so why not, right?

Q. You seem like a very cerebral player anyway. Is it being able to pick a fly number and knowing it's going to release that amount? Do you find that a challenge and do you like that?

JENNIFER SONG: I love that. I love using my brain and trying to find the right strategy. Of course you have to execute it, but strategizing that and trying to execute it, I think that's the whole fun about playing golf.

I think it's been a little gusty yesterday. I played in the afternoon yesterday so it was gusty, so it was a tough condition to play in the afternoon.

And I fought through. I was 3-over at one point and I brought it back to 1-under yesterday. I think I definitely caught the right momentum and shot 2-under today.

Q. 14, 15, and 17 were your birdies. Any one of those you had a little more fun with? I know you said you're liking the putter. How did the putter help you on those holes?

JENNIFER SONG: I mean, I been working a lot with my wedge game last two weeks, off weeks, and I think definitely helped me out yesterday coming into the holes.

So I knocked it pretty close, and, I mean, I did have some couple breaker short putts, but no biggie. I just rolled it in.

Q. Last time we saw you was out at the L.A. Open. How did you spend the three weeks off?

JENNIFER SONG: So the first week I did not touch my golf club for a week, so was that really pleasant, and then second week I kind of gradually started practicing but I didn't go too hard at it. I was mainly focused on getting my physique in better condition. I worked out with my trainer a lot, rested well.

Third week I was really trying to like grind it in, but I also went fishing, so that's one of the things...

Q. Do you like to fish?

JENNIFER SONG: I love to fish. I always go deep sea fishing when I have the time. You're out there for like eight, ten hours, so you really need those two, three off weeks to make the schedule to go out there.

Q. Have you ever fished with anybody out on tour before?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, so I used to take Annie Park and like Haeji Kang. First time I asked my friend Amy to go out there -- I've asked her numerous times, but she said she's not into fishing. Took her out as soon as she came back -- was it Thailand? She was jet lag and sea sick, so she said this is the first and last time she's going to go deep sea fishing with me.

Q. Where do you go?

JENNIFER SONG: We went like 30 miles out of Daytona Beach.

Q. What did you catch?

JENNIFER SONG: I caught sea bass, trigger official, and I think Villanova snapper or something like that.

Q. Uh-huh.

JENNIFER SONG: And jack fish.

Q. Did you eat any of them?

JENNIFER SONG: Of course. We bring it in to eat it.

Q. That trigger fish is delicious.

JENNIFER SONG: So delicious. We bring it in and then the captain will filet it for us right there. Bring it in -- the leftovers we'll freeze, but I will sashimi it and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes and we're having fresh sashimi.

Q. Do you out with a boat service?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, I have a captain I always go out with. He's very nice. Yeah.

Q. Pretty much the same spot every time or you go...

JENNIFER SONG: I think he has a map and he definitely wants us to have a lot of catch, so he goes to spots where there is a lot of fishies.

Q. What's his name?


Q. Okay.

JENNIFER SONG: I'll give you his contact. Just say J Song gave you...

Q. I'll just go with you sometime and we'll do a story on that.


Q. You mentioned some workouts with a trainer. Have you been upping the regimen in the gym, and what are you specifically doing to gain some strength?

JENNIFER SONG: I mean, genetically I want to have big strong butt, but I don't have that, so every day it's leg day, glute day for me.

So it's funny. Every time I go and work out with him I'm like, How come like all five of these exercises are glutes? He's like, Every day is leg day. I was like, Okay.

Then the next day I think -- I go in there and think that I'm going to have an upper body exercise, but -- he does add upper body, but still adds the leg part.

So he's really trying hard to get me to have bigger legs. Hasn't really shown, has it? (Laughter.)

Q. Slowly but surely. Takes time, right?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah. I have to work at it really hard to get like big glutes and legs. I lose it -- if I play one tournament I lose my legs. It's tough with the COVID situation. I can't go to the gym properly, so I'm trying to do body weight exercises in my room, and that doesn't...

Q. Doesn't work.

JENNIFER SONG: I'm just maintaining it basically or not losing it completely.

Q. Biggest fish official you ever caught was Bonito?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, with Hee Young Park. She had a lot of fun. And then we caught some barracudas as well.

Q. So you're like the fishing guide of the tour. You've taken people out all over the place.

JENNIFER SONG: I want to go more but nobody wants to go out fishing.

Q. I'll come over in the off-season and join you for sure. You remember when those catches were?


Q. Yeah.

JENNIFER SONG: Bonito was like two years ago, I think.

Q. When did you start as fishing as kind of a deal for you?

JENNIFER SONG: I started because one of the coach that I used to work with, he loved fishing. He's Annie Park's boyfriend. He was like, Let's all go fishing. I was like, I've never deep sea -- I never went deep sea fishing in my life. He said, You're going to have fun.

I had a blast, so ever since like somebody says, Let's go deep sea fishing, I'm all in.

Q. So it was two, three years ago?

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah, three years ago.

Q. I feel like we need a Jennifer Song, Brittany Lincicome deep sea fishing day, deep sea fish off.

JENNIFER SONG: Yeah. Last year I went four, five times.

Q. That's a lot, especially when you're on the road.

JENNIFER SONG: My mom is like, Are you a fisherman or a golfer? I was like, Well, you got to understand, it makes me like happy out there.

Q. Absolutely.

JENNIFER SONG: She was like, Okay. I got so tan. I never get that tan from golfing, but I'm so tan from fishing.

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