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May 20, 2021

Sonny Skinner

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA

The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We are very pleased to be joined by Sonny Skinner, Team of 20 member from Georgia, the Georgia section, I believe. You posted an 85 today, Sonny. Really tough golf course. Tell us about what you experienced out there, not only early in the week but today and how you played.

SONNY SKINNER: Well, obviously I didn't play my best. What I experienced out there today, it's a big boys' golf course. It's a big boys' situation with the wind and the climate and everything.

I gave every shot my best. 85 was the best I could do. I tried on every one of them. I did not get here until yesterday. I knew what I was up against before I came. I didn't feel the need to overwork and over-push, just show up and hope lightning might strike, but it did not.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing today, though, with Aaron Wise and watching him shoot -- I think he is leading at this point. Beautiful player. It was wonderful to watch. I just stayed out of his way and tried to enjoy myself the best that I could. A few of my good shots received quite an applause from the gallery, which I was amazed.

I think being a club pro and being my age and making it into the field had some people pulling for the underdog, and I appreciate that acknowledgment.

I think the PGA has done a wonderful job setting this course up to be a test of skill, and I'm glad I was here to experience it.

Q. You've been a pro for almost 40 years, played a number of golf tournaments. Where does this course rank as far as difficulty of all the ones that you've played?

SONNY SKINNER: I am going to say that between this one and Whistling Straits, this one wins because of the wind factor. I think both golf courses are expertly designed and challenge the player at the highest level, especially from the back tees. And I don't think we played it all the way back today, but it's right there. In my experience, it is the hardest. I saw you played a few practice round holes with Dustin and Matt Kuchar yesterday. How did that come to be and what was that like.

SONNY SKINNER: That was quite a treat. I played the first nine holes all by myself yesterday, got a little lunch, went to the tee. There was a logjam. I just stood in line, it came my turn. I stood up, as I was about to walk to the tee, Dustin and Kuchar came strolling up, and I invited them to play, and they said, sure.

After watching him hit his first tee shot, and Kuchar really smacked it out there, too, I was like, wow, so this is the way the game is really played these days. What are the chances somebody of my age is going to be able to play at this time in my career with a player of that caliber, and it was an eye-opening experience. They were extremely nice. To watch them work, they worked really hard around the course for that nine holes. They did a ton of chipping and pitching and putting. How are they playing so far today? I haven't been able to see.

Q. I think Dustin has played a few holes. Kuchar is in the afternoon.

SONNY SKINNER: But that was quite a treat.

Q. How far do you carry your driver and your 6-iron?

SONNY SKINNER: Okay, my driver at sea level is only going to carry around 255, 260, and my 6-iron will carry 170.

THE MODERATOR: We enjoyed your company and your visit and are thrilled you're here. Enjoy tomorrow for all that it is. Thank you very much.

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