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May 16, 2021

Scott Stallings

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Quick Quotes

Q. Scott, 2-under to finish off this tournament. You had eight birdies today. I know you had that double early on in the round but were able to have three bounceback throughout the rest of the day. What are your takeaways from the final day here at AT&T Byron Nelson?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Happy we got it in. The golf course held up great and talking to you guys yesterday and today after the way I felt on 18 on Friday is pretty big turnaround. With the delay and everything coming into 18, to go out there and make the putt when it mattered, be a couple short with the way things will finish up, but everything that happened, and to kind of come back and put myself in this spot is a huge step in the right direction for the end of the year.

Q. Always nice to get to the talk to the media. Appreciate that you enjoy it.

SCOTT STALLINGS? Yeah, I appreciate it. It's good to see you guys.

Q. Good. When they did call play, what was your thought and what was going to be the way you were going to fill your time?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Honestly, I have been drier swimming in the ocean than I was, especially -- if there is any video of us walking down 18, the goal of trying to stay dry was over by the time we got to 18 because there was just water everywhere. We were like kids walking through puddles.

Tried to rearrange some flights, try to make sure I get back to Tennessee tonight and eat some food and literally try to dry out as much stuff as I can.

I'm still in the same clothes but still pretty damp.

Q. And then overall, you mentioned you had the sinus infection and everything this week. Was it a sinus infection or...

SCOTT STALLINGS: Just a change in medication. With some of the stuff -- a lot of stuff blows around here in Texas, and I learned a valuable lesson. Stick with what you have, and tried to change it up a little bit and did not work very well.

Q. So despite that, what sorts of lessons are you taking from this week at the AT&T Byron Nelson moving forward?

SCOTT STALLINGS: I think just the resilience. I put myself in a horrible spot in the afternoon on Friday, and to be able to battle back, a lot of self-talk, and put myself -- to know I put the work and time and effort to string together some of the rounds that I was able to put together, and the back nine or my second nine on Friday was a big step to get me to this point in this weekend.

Excited to see all the work come together when it mattered.

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