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May 16, 2021

K.H Lee

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: All right, we're going to go ahead and get things started. Like to welcome K.H. Lee to the virtual interview room. Our new 2021 AT&T Byron Nelson champion.

K.H., tell me about your first victory, the emotions that are going through after a long, delayed win.

K.H. LEE: I mean, so excited now and long time wait this situation, so I'm very thankful and excited. Unbelievable feeling now.

THE MODERATOR: You saw there on the green. What did it mean to have your family there? You had your wife there to be there and witness your first win.

K.H. LEE: Yeah, yes, with my wife, it's my wife pregnant, so left two months, so I can't wait two months, so everything is so thankful and excited. (Smiling.)


Q. Congratulations. I'm wondering if you, as you were coming up and playing here in this tournament, if the crowds and the galleries here had an impact on your game?

K.H. LEE: I saw a lot of fan this week, but very appreciate when I putt or when I good shot they clap and a lot of good, yeah, good energy for me.

Very thankful all the fan here.

Q. K.H., congratulations.

K.H. LEE: Thank you.

Q. Well done. Just a simple question: What was the club that you hit into 17, and was that perhaps the most important shot of the day for you?

K.H. LEE: Yes, I hit 17 on pitching wedge.

Q. Pitching wedge?

K.H. LEE: Pitching wedge. Yes, very important shot 17. When I play 16 make bogey and maybe feels like little lose moment some, but I'll try more aggressive 17, 18, and good shot 17, so more make good momentum and good finish.

Q. Very good, thank you. Congrats.

K.H. LEE: Thank you.

Q. K.H., can you tell me about what was clicking, especially this week after coming so close at Phoenix earlier this year?

K.H. LEE: Honestly, couple months play bad my putting, so a lot of lose momentum and not play well, but this week I change putter, Callaway, and so that help for me this week.

More keep momentum and keep positive, so that putter help for me a lot this week.

Q. You already touched upon having your wife by the green. What did it mean also having K.J. Choi and Sung Kang Kim there to witness your first win as well?

K.H. LEE: I'm really thank you very much K.J. and Sung Kang. I didn't think about they wait for me, but he wait for me and congratulations K.H., you're so good. Always they are very kind for me, so very, very thankful K.J. and Sung. Very excited.

Q. Were there a lot of nerves leading into today coming from last night, and especially then having to wait during the rain delay? Did that put an added pressure?

K.H. LEE: Yeah, when I rain delay my goal is no look at leaderboard. I don't want to too much pressure myself, so just relax and try my shots, and then some joking in the clubhouse, and then, yeah, play three hole more, yeah.

Q. Just one follow up. Wondering what K.J. Choi said to you when he greeted you behind the green after the final putt.

K.H. LEE: Oh, he said very congratulations K.H. I know you win, so he very proud me. Like that, yeah. I'm very proud of you. Very thankful K.J.

Q. What did that mean to you?

K.H. LEE: I mean, K.J. is always here big daddy, so very thankful and it means a lot to me, yes.

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