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May 15, 2021

Scott Stallings

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Quick Quotes

Q. Was there anything in your warmups that would indicate that you were going to go on such a tear with ten birdies, six in a row?

SCOTT STALLINGS: After yesterday, anything was possible. I tried a different sinus medication yesterday, and after about seven holes my caddie looked at me and said, You think we could break 80?

So with all the cottonwood and everything blowing around here, after my sinus surgery it kind of messes with me a little bit. So I tried a different one. Thought I was getting used to it, and obviously kind of got it worked out a little bit better today.

Q. Obviously you putted very well. These numbers are impressive to me: 23 putts, total putts in your round. Those are greens in regulation, and 111 feet in putts holed.

SCOTT STALLINGS: I've been working hard. My caddie and my short game coach, Tim, after Hilton Head kind of had -- and especially with Zurich, kind of all came together. (Indiscernible) caddies way better at it than I am.

But just tried to learn week in, week out. I've gained every week since I started doing it and feel a lot more comfortable on the greens. I wanted that one on 18 bad, but bullets don't break. Hit it a little bit too hard.

Q. Pumped it right through the break and yet you made the comeback. What are some hole locations out there on a windy afternoon we should be aware of as the leaders go through the golf course?

SCOTT STALLINGS: The golf course is set up great. Obviously we started the first probably 12 holes without really much wind. Came through 13, 14, and started picking up. 17, I thought I hit a great shot on 17 and came up on right on the front edge of the green and just with the gusts it's hard to guess, especially when the grandstands kind of blocks it a little bit.

So as soon as the ball gets up it's a little bit of a -- you make the best guess you possibly can.

Q. 9-under 63 is a heck of a way take advantage of this moving day. How did today come together compared to what you saw in your game the last few days?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Well, standing on No. 18 yesterday, my 9th hole I was 1-under for the tournament, and to be 15-under now is quite a transition in about I guess 28 holes. So come a long way in a day.

Q. What did you do differently today?

SCOTT STALLINGS: I told the guys, I had taken some sinus medicine I hadn't taken in a while and completely messed with me yesterday.

I had no idea where the bottom was, and I bet I drank 20 waters in my last two holes to try to flush it out. Called my doctor and asked him what I should do differently, and obviously not what I did yesterday.

Was able to kind of work it out and feel a lot better out there today.

Q. Note to self. No new sinus medications. When you had the six birdie streak today, by the time you get to the fourth birdie and then the fifth birdie, what's going through your mind?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Nothing really. I was fortunate I made a -- I chipped in on 7 and I hit a good shot just through the green and chipped in. Still not necessarily like -- I made some -- you're way behind, you're trying to give yourself as many birdie putts as you can.

I didn't know that I made six in a row. Someone told me that as soon as I got done. I literally just pedal on the and tried to make as many as I possibly could.

Q. So you're not talking to your caddie about your scoring throughout the round?

SCOTT STALLINGS: No. We're literally trying to get the a ball in the fairway, and I got overcome some demons on No. 11. I've hit it right behind a tree three days in a row, like just off the edge of the fairway and just in jail.

So that's kind of my nemesis right now. If I can overcome that, be a little bit better tomorrow. Be right there.

Q. In terms of conditions, how were they today and how do you think they'll affect scoring this afternoon?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah, there is a lot of birdie opportunities out there still. Both the short holes guys can get close to the green. All the par-5s are in great spots for birdies and eagles.

There are some good pin locations out there. Some par-3s, 17 is super tough and be in between number for most guys.

But these guys are great. Just because it's windy doesn't mean anything. Golf course is set up great and it's still soft. I expect this course to improve.

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