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May 13, 2021

Cole Hammer

McKinney, Texas, USA

TPC Craig Ranch

Quick Quotes

Q. Cole, 4 birdies in row to finish the round. How good was that finish for you?

COLE HAMMER: It was great. I had a little hiccup on No. 3, my 12th hole today. I three-putted from pretty close and made a 6 and felt like I lost a bunch of momentum.

Made a nice putt on No. 6 for birdie and it kind of kick started my last few holes. You know, it's great to finish with four in a row obviously.

Q. What's the difference between playing in a kind of pressure-packed match like you did at Walker Cup and playing out here when there is a lot of birdies to be had?

COLE HAMMER: It's a lot different. Seminole we were hardly making any birdies and we were grinding for pars and we had a partner. Just a totally different kind of golf.

You come out here and course is playing long but the greens are perfect so guys are making a ton of putts. Felt like I kind of had to press a little bit early on and I was missing some putts, and kind of settled in on the back nine and I was able to finish strong.

It's a completely different kind of golf.

Q. How nice was it to hear some of the home state crowd cheering you on?

COLE HAMMER: It was incredible. I must have heard hook 'em 50 times today. Obviously not hearing that in Florida or a different state. It's fun to be playing in front of a pseudo home crowd, even though I'm from in Houston. A lot of these Dallas guys love Texas sports and it was a fun day, and I'm glad to be a Longhorn.

Q. You said yesterday you take each week independently. How much confidence can you breed playing so well this week that can take you into next week?

COLE HAMMER: There is no question. I mean, every time I play well no matter what the stage is, I'll gain some confidence. Obviously playing well out here in front of guys I've looked up to is huge.

But like I said, I'm very focused on this week, and then as soon as I step on the tee on Monday at regionals it's a whole new tournament and everything I've done in the past doesn't matter.

I honestly -- I know it's cliche, but I take it one shot at a time. Yeah, there is some confidence to be gained.

Q. You played in the U.S. Open, other pro events. In an event here what was -- was there a moment where you sort of step back and was like, That was pretty cool?

COLE HAMMER: On No. 17 today. It's kind of a stadium atmosphere. I hit a really great shot in there about three, four feet. You know, amateur golf we don't hear very many claps. Got a nice roar even though it was 10:00 in the morning, and I stepped back, looked a my caddie and I was just thinking, Man, this is really cool. It's what I dreamed of for a long time.

To do it is an amateur is even more special.

Q. Cool. Keep it going.

COLE HAMMER: Thanks, guys.

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