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May 11, 2021

Caroline Garcia

Roma, Italia

Press Conference

C. GARCIA/E. Cocciaretto

7-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the match today. What did you think of her game? How does it feel to get a win in Rome?

CAROLINE GARCIA: I'm very happy with the win. Definitely the fight I went through, especially during the first set, it was really tight. She had some set points.

It's the first time I played against her, so I didn't really know what to expect. I watch some videos, of course. I saw that she was playing very early, she was on the line always. I was not expecting this kind of game from her.

I think the fact it was on clay court give me confidence that it will be harder for her to take always the ball very early. I tried to play with that, tried to play some ball with more spin.

It was not perfect, especially in the first set. But I think I found my rhythm pretty well in the second set, was playing better, more aggressive.

Q. Looking ahead, you play Kudermetova. She's had a pretty great season so far.

CAROLINE GARCIA: Yeah, I mean, she had a very good season playing on clay, lot of matches already. Me, it's only my first one today. I don't think the confidence level is same for her as for me.

I will give 100% and try to play the match as best as I can. I'm sure if I don't go through it can help me to improve for the next tournament. I really think I have some weapon which can help me to go through this match.

Q. If you could talk a little bit about your decision with respect to coaching. I don't read French, so I don't know a ton of the details. If you could explain all that.

CAROLINE GARCIA: Yeah, I mean, now it's been like one and a half year I was going to train in the Nadal academy. I know Gabriel a very long time as was our coach in Fed Cup when Amelie Mauresmo was the captain. I always had a good feeling with him.

For me, it's of course my decision to change a little bit. But for me it's going in the same way that it was, like, since one and a half year. It was natural, the continuity of all that.

Of course, it's a lot of changes because it's first time for me like this, different than with my father. But I think it was important for me as a player, but also as a person.

After Miami I had some time off because I was a little bit injured, so I have to go through rehab and everything. I had more time to prepare myself and to put all together.

I think since now two weeks we are doing a good job on the court and I'm feeling better physically. So I'm trying my best here in Roma. I want to be ready for the French Open, of course.

Q. What is the biggest difference of working with Gabby versus working with your father? Is it a big difference in vibe, how the practices are organized?

CAROLINE GARCIA: I mean, because I know Gabby since a long time, I know what I was going to expect. I have confidence in him. I like his value and I like the value of the people in the academy. Everyone is hard worker.

With Gabby it's a lot about tactics and about the movement, about how I can move my legs better and how I can play the good shot at the good moment. I think it's very important for me. It can be a big step up. It's something I'm enjoying working on.

You know, I'm still an aggressive player. I will always want to be one. I just think I can sometimes choose my shot better.

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