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May 9, 2021

Pajaree Anannarukarn

Pattaya, Thailand

Siam Country Club Pattaya, Old Course

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Pajaree, a final day 63, the low round of the tournament for this week. Just how are you feeling after the final day here in Thailand?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Obviously really glad I finish all four days. I mean, it was a great week so far. Really enjoy it, especially having my dad on the bag this week.

I really enjoy my time out there, especially today. Hit a lot of good shots, really good.

Q. What did you work on or what did you think you improved upon the most as you set about this round compared to the last three days?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I would say I hit a lot of good shots, approach shots, so that definitely helped me a lot to make those putt in.

I made a lot of -- I gave myself a lot of good up and down and then good spot where I missed the hole. I think it's just really the key is just to stay patient out there. Really I really improved from the first three rounds and I think, yeah, I been hitting it well so far.

Q. You opened with a 31 on your front nine today.


Q. When did you start feeling that comfortability on the golf course?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Well, after I made the -- obviously just the front nine, that makes it -- that made me feel like, Okay, I been hitting it well, so just going to keep trying my best to give more birdie opportunity, just give myself more chances so I can try to make more.

Q. You've been in this tournament before, twice as I believe an amateur. Now here you are as a professional returning to Thailand. What has this week meant to you?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I mean, means a lot to me, especially coming here as a junior golf, growing up watching all the pros play. I feel very motivated to be here. I mean, really thankful and humble to be able to be here. Every year each year, always feel thankful.

Q. Did you grow up watching this tournament?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Yeah. Obviously the first time I met Ariya was like nine years old and she was already played -- she was an amateur, but she already play against the world best player. I really admired her growing up watching her.

It's always feel good coming here, and to be back here playing, you know, it just always feel great.

Q. And on top of that having your dad on the bag, what does it mean for you to be able to take in this tournament as a professional with dad on the bag?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Yeah, he took me here and then this time he just caddie for me, and especially caddying out here playing here, yeah, I think it was just really special.

I'm glad 0I was able to share this experience with him, this moment, yeah.

Q. Did you say he took you to this tournament?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Yeah. You know, when I was little my mom and my dad, they really liked golf as well, so I was just hanging around with them.

Q. How much of a full circle moment does this feel like for you on a day like this when you're able to shoot so low?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: I wasn't really thinking about how low I was. Like when I was on the course I was just kind of focusing, trying to hit some good shot and give myself opportunity.

Yeah, after the round I just really relieved. It's been -- it was hot out there, but obviously I enjoyed it.

Q. What will you work on as you work towards the rest of your LPGA season?

PAJAREE ANANNARUKARN: Just going to keep on working on my -- improving on my hopefully my short game, my irons, and drivers. I mean, it's getting better and I think it's just moving to the right direction, so hopefully keep this momentum going.

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