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May 7, 2021

Caroline Masson

Pattaya, Thailand

Siam Country Club Pattaya, Old Course

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Caroline, second bogey-free round in a row. Take me through what was going so right today.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I think I've been playing pretty solid, and whenever I did get in trouble I just managed to get away with par.

Made a really good up and down on 2 hitting it in the bunker off the tee having it basically pitch out and getting it up and down from about 110, I think.

So you need to do these kind of things to obviously stay bogey-free and play well. I mean, most likely it's not going to always be like that. I think I can't expect to never make a bogey, but I think it's been fun and overall pretty solid.

Q. How important is it to stay aggressive on these pins here, especially when everyone seemed to be going low?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, everybody makes a lot of birdies. The greens are so soft that you can fire at pretty much everything. Even with longer clubs you don't have to worry about it getting away from you.

So, yeah, I think that's just going to be the theme for the next couple days. Conditions are probably not going to change much. Just important to stay aggressive and to roll in some putts.

Q. When I talked to you in Singapore you said you were waiting for everything to really come together. It seems with two bogey-free days it's really been coming together for you; would you agree?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, absolutely. Those things that are hard to explain in golf sometimes that are just going a little bit better, I mean, I think mainly for me making more putts. Clearly I've putted really well the last couple days, so that's the major difference, too, I think the last few weeks.

I think it makes you appreciate when things are kind of going your way, because I've been complaining and felt sorry for myself a little bit that things were not going my way.

I want to appreciate that and not take it for granted, and just hope to roll with it for the next couple days, too.

Q. You mean complaining before the Asia swing?

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, just to myself. Just like wondering why things are not going my way and why I can't make a putt and this and that. It's easy to feel sorry for yourself sometimes in golf, I decided I don't want to feel like that and I don't want to do that, and I think that is why I've had a little bit of a different attitude this week.

I want to keep that up, go out there and have fun, and when things are not going my way, just deal with it.

Q. What's it been like adjusting from Singapore to Thailand? It's a little bit of the same, but you said to me last week that you really like coming to Asia and taking the full opportunity of these events.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, absolutely. Same mindset. I mean, it's very similar with the heat. The golf course obviously is a bit more gettable. I think you can tell by the scores.

So, yeah, it's a different course, and like we said before, you really have to stay aggressive and make a ton of birdies.

Q. What do you need to do tomorrow to continue the wave of going low?

CAROLINE MASSON: I mean, obviously same. I think for me, important is that I keep a good rhythm in my swing. I tend to get a little bit fast, and I think it's just little things like that with the driver, putting the ball in good position, and then having a good attitude and just really coming out here to have fun and have a good time and not take it too seriously.

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