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May 4, 2021

Benoit Paire

Madrid, Spain

Press Conference

B. PAIRE/N. Basilashvili

6-4, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What worked so well for you in your match against Basilashvili? He just came off of his title last week in Munich. Would love to get your thoughts on what was going so well for your game and also hear about your next round against Tsitsipas.

BENOIT PAIRE: What was good working today was for sure my serve. Only when I was serving for the match it was a little bit tight. But, no, I served very well.

The most important for me was the head. When mentally I'm ready to play and focus on the tennis, it's totally different. When you play in front of people, the thing change a lot. That's why today it was like a Davis Cup for me in Madrid, so I really enjoy to play with this crowd.

That's the only thing I gonna remember, because my game was not my best match, but for sure it was an incredible moment. I have a lot of support from the French crowd.

For me, for the mental, when you are in Madrid and you play like with a lot of French like this, honestly for me it was one of the best memories of my career, because all the French, they know I'm not in my best form, I'm not playing my best tennis. Mentally it's not easy for me at this time. But when the people are coming and watch the match, they support me and that's what I like.

And against Stefanos, I played him in Acapulco. I was not able to play like normal in Acapulco. I was not mentally ready. So it will be a good match.

I feel much better now after holidays. Mentally I'm very fresh, so it will be a tough match, for sure, but I think I have some chances to win this match.

Q. I know this is the middle of the clay court season, but I wonder if I could ask you a question about Wimbledon. I'm asking players for their favorite Wimbledon memories. Was it maybe your first win at Wimbledon, reaching the fourth round, or what?

BENOIT PAIRE: For me, that's the beginning of my season, not the middle of the clay season. It's the beginning of my season (smiling).

So, yeah, for Wimbledon my best memory is when I play against Andy Murray, last 16. It was two years ago I think before his surgery. Just to the atmosphere on the court, on the Centre Court to play Andy was maybe my best memories there.

And the only thing I gonna remember from Wimbledon is also when I go with my parents, I rent a house close from Wimbledon Village and I really enjoy to be with my family. I like to see the queue. And honestly, one of my best memories is just like the atmosphere of Wimbledon. Not only one match in particularly but more the atmosphere and more what represent the tennis for the British people.

Q. On that match against Murray, was that your first match on Centre Court?

BENOIT PAIRE: No, I played a lot on this center court. I played against Wawrinka; I won. I played against Pouille; I won again. Lost against Nadal.

I know this court. It's a little bit different. It's bigger court, so more rally, because outside I played like on Court 4 and it's a little bit faster. So it will be different, but honestly, just to win one match was already a good performance for me.

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