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April 25, 2002

Paul Stankowski


JOAN v.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Paul, for joining us. You had an interesting day out there. Great round. Make a couple of comments about the round and then we will go over your card.

PAUL STANKOWSKI: All in all, if you shoot 6 under par it's hard to complain too much. I hit the ball good at times and really badly at times, but the bad shots were still okay and I got some good breaks, made some putts, hit some good shots. It was one of those days as you can tell by the card, I was all over the map, some good, some bad, some ugly, but it worked out all right.

Q. Were you able to stay out of the rough for the most part?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: No, actually, I didn't. I hit it in the rough quite a bit, but I'm not sure how many fairways I hit, probably half. I made four bogeys from hitting it in the rough. Made a couple of good par saves, but when I hit it in the fairway in the par 3s, I hit good shots and had a lot of opportunities there. I am fortunate to be hitting my irons well and making a lot of birdies because that start, making 3 bogeys in the first eight holes, on this golf course, if you continue to drive it poorly, you're not going to score very well, but I was fortunate to hit good iron shots and make some putts.

Q. Mark Calcavecchia had a similar round as you in the middle of his round. He had horrible shots and saved par. When you get a 66 is that something you look at and say, hey, I got away with a round where I could have shot a 70 or 72?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Definitely it turned a 70 into a 66. I turned a couple 66s into 70s, I'm pleased I got my putter working. I'm frustrated with my driver, it was strong until last week, and I still haven't figured it out. I'm hitting the irons a lot better and rolling the ball really well. That's a good combination, and if I can just keep the driver near the short stuff I'll be okay.

Q. Paul, you've played here a lot. What is your feeling when you come here and this course and everything?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: I like the golf course. It's a good spot. I stay with a buddy of mine's parents, he caddies for me, it's a fun week, good cooking, I gain about 10 pounds every year here, and it's a good spot. The greens keep getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. In a few years we're not going to have any greens here, so that's -- I keep telling people, the rookies and stuff, a couple of rookies are good friends of mine, I say next week it's great, generous fairways, big greens and I got here and had forgotten the greens are small, they used to be big in the early '90s, but not any more. It's a good spot, and the crowd is good here, and big crowd on the weekend, very friendly, very southern, I love the food and it's a good week, so I enjoy coming here.

Q. So on 17 and 18 you missed two short birdie putts then?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Not short, I missed a 12 footer on 17, and 8 footer on 18, but I made some good putts today. I'm not complaining, buddy.

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