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August 1, 2002

Paul Stankowski


JOAN V.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you, Paul, for joining us in the interview room here at The INTERNATIONAL. Good start today. With the conditions out there, I guess the greens were pretty fast and the wind is blowing. Why don't you make a couple of comments and we'll go from there.

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Yeah, the wind was blowing and the greens were fast and firm. It is a funny format, I only shot 3-under, but you do that with a bunch of birdies and you get a lot of a lot of points. It was really a funny format. I don't really feel like I played all that great today but I am near the top of the board. I am definitely encouraged. I hit the ball okay. I missed a few putts. Left a few out there. But I am pleased overall with the start.


Q. How about going through your round for us real quick.

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Started on 10. I hit a driver, 13, in the trees, pitched it out in the fairway, L-wedge on 2-putted.

14, hit driver. 3-iron plugged it in the hazard short of the green, took my shoes off, socks off, rolled my pants up, hit it to about eight feet and made it, the putt for birdie. That was a big one. That was nice.

17, I hit a driver, 5-iron, about 25 feet, 2-putted for birdie.

1 hit driver, 3-wood, right and long, best shot I could hit -- probably the best flop-shot I have ever hit in my life, and it just plugged, it stopped on the fringe short. No chance I could possibly get where it was and I did. 3-putted from about twelve feet. So that was -- yeah.

Next hole I hit 3-iron, L-wedge to about five feet.

7, I hit a 9-iron 20 feet left of the hole on the fringe and made that.

9, I hit a driver, pitching wedge three feet.

Q. How cold was the water at 13?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: A little chilly. Definitely wasn't warm. I almost fell backwards which would have really stunk. Yeah, it was real muddy, mucky water, and yeah, turned out to be a good shot. I was very fortunate the ball plugged. It landed in the hill short of the green, in the hazard, about three inches above the water line. So it was a great break, and I capitalized on it.

Q. You said that it is a funny format. Were you trying to go for the pins and trying to make birdie or is that kind of the way --

PAUL STANKOWSKI: That's the idea, just to make it you can shoot 5-under here making 5 birdies. (Inaudible) obviously the more birdies the better. But there's a point to your aggressiveness. Once you don't have a chance to make birdie, I try not to make -- you know, if I have an 8-footer for par I am not rammin it home. I am trying to lag it up there. If you lose a one, no big deal. You are going to make bogeys out here because that's the type of golf course it is. You are not going to go around this golf course most days making or going bogeyless. So if you can limit your bogeys to bogeys and not doubles, you are in good shape.

But obviously being aggressive is a key out here and that's kind of right up my alley. So I like the format.

Q. Do you ever recall the wind being like this in the morning or in any round?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Not in the morning. It's usually perfect in the morning and not so cold this time of year. But it was chilly and it was a good club wind early in the day which is odd. I hope it doesn't calm down, but definitely played tough and being that it's cold the ball is not going that 10% farther that it would go here, 10 to 15 percent, so it was probably, you know, 5% farther. So it was an adjustment to make because the balls weren't going as far as they usually do. And with the greens being firm and fast, and a couple of putts you have to really just play very timidly. You can't be too aggressive if you are in the wrong spot on the green. I think that's probably why the scores aren't real low so far today. But --

Q. You said you hope the wind continued. You mean have it the affect the players that are out there or do you like the conditions?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: I will take it either way I get it. If it's windy, I will play in the wind. If it's not, I won't. But I'd hate to see it die down this afternoon.

Q. Why?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Because I am not playing (laughter).

Q. That's what I thought you meant.


End of FastScripts....

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