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April 25, 2003

Paul Stankowski


JOAN V.T. ALEXANDER: Thank you Paul for joining us for a few minutes. A great round, 66, no bogeys. A couple of six birdies. Why don't you just make a couple comments about your round today conditions out there?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: I played fairly solid, kept the ball in play and made some good putts today, which is something I hadn't done in a long time. It's fun. Fun to actually 1-putt some holes. (Laughs). So it was a good day. I hit the ball better yesterday, I thought. Felt better.

Today was hit a lot of shots close to solid, but yet on line and just capitalized on some good shots and got myself out of some trouble when I hit a bad one, so it was a good day.

Q. Have you been seeing anything leading into this where you felt there was something like this coming?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Well, the fact that I missed four cuts in a row coming into here, probably I didn't have a whole lot building. (Laughs). But actually, yes, I was very encouraged through the Florida swing. Been working on some good stuff. I saw some nice things happening. The swing started feeling a little bit better. Although I didn't see any fruits of that. I didn't putt very well, so my teacher and I worked on a couple of little things this week, and the big thing was putting. That's the big difference out here, when you make putts, it just seems to open everything else up. I struggled for quite a while on the greens, capitalizing on good shots and getting myself easy up-and-downs. I wasn't making and occasional 3-putts, just, yeah, not putting horribly just not making a lot and making some mistakes on the greens as well.

Today and yesterday I made a few putts, and today I made a big -- 50-footer, I made a 30-footer, I started making putts that I have always expected to make. You always expect to make a long one a tournament. I made a long one, I think, on the West Coast. That was it. I hadn't made one since.

Today it was really nice to see one go in. Then I start feeling like, well, great, I get to a 30-footer, I am thinking I can make this. I am, like, cool, I can make any one. The mindset, all of a sudden, gets to 50-footer. Let us get it close, it's not looking good to now I can make anything. That's the difference, rolling it good, making some putts and not. I am in the making putts mode right now. So that's good.

Q. Was that point at which you started to maybe expecting good things here?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Yeah. That just started yesterday. So I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday with my teacher, just on the putting green just trying to see putts go in before I even putted them. I'd get on a 30-footer, he'd tell me what is it, how is it going to go in. I would tell him, it sounds stupid -- sounded stupid to me. I said left center kind of going to go like that. Kind of hard to explain as I got really dialed in what the ball was going to do at the hole instead of just seeing the hole up there. I'd see the line a lot better and made some putts.

Yesterday I made adjustment from cross hands to regular at some point, I can't remember what hole it was, but then I made about 6-footer on the next hole, and after that, I just I saw everything. I started seeing the line. Felt comfortable, hands felt good on the club, and I just feel comfortable now over the putter or over the ball with the putter in my hand. That's something I hadn't felt in quite a while. I think it was after I missed a 3-footer and then 3-putted from 15, 20 feet in consecutive holes, the next hole -- yesterday, and I went from couldn't make a 3-footer to all of a sudden making them.

Q. How long have you been cross-handed?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Four days. I am all over the map.

Q. You like to really stick to one approach and see how --

PAUL STANKOWSKI: For a few holes. (Laughter). I usually -- I have now had the same stance and putter grip for 20 some odd holes so it is pretty cool.

Q. Sunday will we see you putting like Sam Snead?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: You never know. That's not going to happen this Sunday, though.

Q. Jay was talking about how sort of you should play with your fair on fire approach. I am wondering what is your mindset -- in a tournament like this where you are seeing a lot of pretty low scores what is your mindset, how does that affect what you do?

PAUL STANKOWSKI: Personally it's an encouragement because I go okay cool people are making birdies so obviously you hope it's contagious, but by the same time I didn't really pay attention to the boards, I just -- I am just out there trying to do my thing. It's kinds of fun sometimes when you have some technique to work on and something is different because like you say, I forget the golf course. I don't even know what the golf -- I can't remember the holes. So I try not to worry about that too much. But it is nice when everybody is going owe because you know that you can go low.

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