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April 24, 2021

Brooke Henderson

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We are going to let Brooke run her own Zoom. Who would like to go first?

Q. Congratulations. Can you hear me?


Q. I don't know if you're aware of this, I guess Anne Murray tweeted her congratulations shortly after you won. Does that mean anything?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Um, yeah, it does. It's really cool. She's been super supportive of my career, and after every win she usually tweets out and reaches out, which is really incredible, because she's definitely a legend in Canada.

Q. The other question I was going to ask, the shot on 12 obviously was big shot. What was your thought process lining that up? Were you just trying to get close? What was your strategy there?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I was definitely disappointed that I missed the green, but it was is difficult tee shot. And so when I got over the chip shot it wasn't a great lie, and we paced it where I wanted to land it, and Brit was like, It will probably come in a little bit lower, not as much spin because of the lie.

So just tried to make solid contact and landed on my spot, and to have it go in was definitely a big bonus. It was going pretty hard. So it was a huge momentum change and a huge point in my round today.

Q. Which did you like better, that one or the one on 18 where you got out of the gully?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, 18 was definitely very clutch. That is not where I wanted that tee shot to be, so to be able to get up and down there for the win was really cool, especially after just Jessica made such a great shot and put a lot of pressure on me to make par.

Q. Thank you, and congratulations again.


Q. Congratulations. Two from me, if I could. That shot on 18 was amazing. But I want to ask you about your putting. You mentioned yesterday after the round that you felt a lot more comfortable with your putting. Can you just say specifically what it is that you and Brittany have worked on? I know you have changed your grip, but what's been the most impactful change or your putting?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it's continuing to be a work in progress, but definitely this week felt a lot more comfortable. Even today I made a lot of great putts, and even the ones I didn't make I still felt like I hit it where I wanted to, which was a great feeling.

As you mentioned, we worked on grip, different reading techniques. We're just trying to find what's working the best, and to be honest, it's just the extra time that we've been putting in that's made the biggest difference.

That extra time has given us some extra confidence, and just for me, just over putts now I feel like I can make them, which is how you want to feel when you're putting.

And so I'm just grateful that we're able to figure it out. And like I said, it's a work in progress. Just always trying to get a little better.

Q. And then the folks back home in Ontario aren't able to play golf, so I'm sure they enjoyed watching you win. What is your message to them, and would you like to see the golf courses opened at home?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, I think golf is a great way to be outdoors and get some exercise, and it's really unfortunate that they're shutdown right now.

Hopefully they'll open up sooner than later. It's a great way to like, I said get exercise, fresh air, and also have a little bit of social by doing it pretty safely.

Q. Congratulations. Way to go.


Q. Obviously in your interview right after the win was confirmed you had a little emotion brimming to the surface. Where did that come from? Was it just the fact that you managed to take a win across the finish line after a couple years? Where was that emotion coming from and how did it bubble up to the surface there?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, like I said, I feel like I been playing really solid golf and just haven't had the victory in what feels like a really long time now. I guess it wasn't really that long considering last year most of season we weren't playing.

Just to get it across the line and to have the work that Brit and I have been putting in pay off and be able to celebrate together and get the tenth win on the LPGA Tour is really incredible, and I just -- just really happy and just really excited.

Q. And just a quick follow-up to build off what you just said. Ten wins on the LPGA Tour. How does that feel?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, unreal. It's pretty crazy. To get my ninth win was such a big deal in Canada, and then since then I been just trying to chase that tenth one.

To get it here, it's just -- I'm just so happy and it's hard to believe.

THE MODERATOR: Last chance for anyone to ask any questions.

Q. Brooke, hi again. I apologize. I know you probably talked about this a lot. But choking down on all your clubs, just for the viewers at home watching, why do you do that? How does it help?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, so I've actually done it since I started playing the game when I was like three or four years old. I just started out that way and got really comfortable.

You know, couple years ago I thought maybe I would try to grip like a normal person at the end the grip and I just wasn't as, well, No. 1 comfortable, and No. 2, not as accurate.

So I think by choking up I do lose a little bit of distance with my irons, but I think I make up for it in consistency and accuracy and just overall being comfortable.

Q. So your driver is longer than regulation, right, but your irons, are they normal?


Q. Okay. And how long is your driver?


Q. Okay. Perfect. Thank you. Congrats again.


Q. You mentioned at the LOTTE Championship that you need breaks to win. What do you think was your biggest break today?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I definitely am a firm believer when you're in the winner's circle you're getting a lot of breaks and it's sort of meant to be.

Today I was making a lot of birdies, and I think probably the biggest break was 12, that chip-in. You know, those breaks can be really small or they can be really big.

Sometimes it's just missing a divot, or today I had tons of opportunity where the people I was playing with showed me the line on putts. They were always just a little bit behind me so I always had a read on every green. That just only happens when it's meant to be.

Q. What did you think walking past the Canadian flag on the 8th? Do you think they should rename it in your honor after your win?

BROOKE HENDERSON: The Canadian flag, yeah, that was pretty cool. I guess it's the, consulate so it's little piece of Canada right here in L.A.

Q. You've got three weeks off. What are you most looking forward to doing? Not may players who have won this year have been able to celebrate. What are you going to do to celebrate?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it's kind of worked out really nicely that we decided to not go to Asia. We have three weeks off, and spend it in Florida with my sister and brother-in-law, and I am sure we'll come up with a few great ways celebrate.

Definitely looking forward to some time off, and then just practicing and getting ready for the rest of the season.

THE MODERATOR: Last question is just for all of the little girls out there watching who are such big fans of your game, what message do you have to for them thinking about little Brooke?

BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, this game is incredible and it gives you so many great opportunities. The friends that I've made and the places that I've been able to travel are really crazy.

It's just -- I'm really grateful that my parents got me into the game and that my sister and I have been able to share this journey together. It's really important to have fun in whatever you choose to do and have somebody that you can share the journey with, because it makes it that much more special.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks for joining us so much, Brooke, and congratulations again.


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