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April 24, 2021

Keegan Bradley

Brendan Steele

Avondale, Louisiana, USA

TPC Louisiana

Quick Quotes

Q. Keegan, eagle at No. 2; how did that get you guys kick-started?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: It was great because we didn't play the first hole really well. It was a really easy pin, and the second hole there's -- like I said earlier, the pressure on the par-5s in this format, you've got to make birdie at least, and to roll that long one in was a bonus.

Q. It was an on-again-off-again round on Friday. You go back to that format tomorrow. Anything you learned on Friday that you can take into Sunday?

BRENDAN STEELE: It's a super tough format. We were looking at each other on 14, it's the only par-3 that I play off of, and it was the first iron shot that I had hit for the day. I had only hit wedges and woods for the whole day and it's on the 14th hole, and then Keegan hadn't hit a chip for the whole day. It's just you don't ever get into a rhythm of doing anything or making adjustments, so you've got to be really patient and cut yourself a little bit of slack.

Q. How many practice rounds and otherwise do you think you've played together?


BRENDAN STEELE: I mean, yeah, 500 probably. A lot.

Q. How does that help in a situation like yesterday?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, it helps a lot because we have just an understanding of no -- we know the other person is trying their hardest. We're never going to say "sorry" for a bad shot, or we're going to make sure the other guy knows that it doesn't matter if they play poorly or hit bad shots, we're going to be there for them. We've done a good job of that this week, and I think we're on the edge here right now, but in alternate-shot anything can happen.

Q. On Sunday because of the format does that almost give you a little bit more hope regardless of how far back you might be at the end of the day?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I think anybody within -- if you go out tomorrow and shoot something really low, anybody can win. Even par in alternate-shot is a good score. I don't know, I think that we're in a good spot. I wish we were a couple better, but I think we're in a good spot.

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