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April 24, 2021

Mel Reid

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Shot 5-under at ANA in the final round; shot 5-under today. What is it about that last day lately?

MEL REID: Well, for the first part of the year I was having a bad last day so we decided to changer it up a bit.

I had in mind a 5-under today, that was kind of a goal. Obviously it's nice to eagle 15. But, yeah, it played tough. Like it still played tough. Wind was blowing.

I felt like the pins were a little more gettable than yesterday. I thought the pins were really hard yesterday. I stroked the ball really well on the poana. I missed one kind of four-footer, that was about it on the par-3.

And, yeah, other than that, played very, very solid. Worst shot I hit was on 18. Apart from that, everything was good.

Q. Still par'd it?

MEL REID: Still par'd it.

Q. Take me through 15, just the strategy on the Aon hole.

MEL REID: Yeah, good drive. It was kind of in between 6 and 5 and we kind of felt the wind into off the right, so decided to hit like a cut 5. Just caught it perfectly just exactly where we wanted to hit it, just about five yards right of the pin. Yeah, pin high, just past pin high 15 feet.

I had a feeling I was going to make it. It's just sometimes you walk up to a putt and you just see the line straightaway. I knew it was just outside right edge, and, yeah, just right in the middle. It was nice.

Q. 16 of your 22 rounds this year have been under par. When you hear that, what do you think?

MEL REID: We're obviously doing the right things. You know, me and Jorge are obviously doing the right things. You know, I've been working with him for two and a half years now so I feel like we're just tinkering now, it's not really doing major changes.

Obviously the work with Howard, and, you know, feel like any body is in good shape, so I just feel like everything is kind of catching up and in a good spot.

Q. Obviously going over to Asia.


Q. Obviously different circumstances than we're used to, but what's it like to be able to go back to an Asian swing and see some of the Asian partners that we haven't been able to play in front of?

MEL REID: Yeah, Singapore is one of my favorite events honestly, so it's a shame that we're going to have to be in such a tight bubble. The fact that we're having the events I think is a great thing.

Obviously it's a bit of travel, but I think under the circumstance we should be very, very kind of fortunate that we're even able to play over there.

Yeah, I'm excited. I'm not excited for the flight, but excited to get there and be jet lagged up until Friday and fly home on Sunday.

Yeah, I'm excited. I like that place.

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