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April 23, 2021

Tiffany Chan

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Quick Quotes

TIFFANY CHAN: I think the winds were a little bit, so everyone is having a little harder time with distance if you're not like -- if you're really good with the approaching.

So I feel like I did what I have to do today.

Q. So the pins were tougher. I would imagine you of all people having lived here you've probably seen just about every pin placement. Were they as tough as it gets?

TIFFANY CHAN: It's funny because it's a country club. They actually don't really put those pin position. You rarely see a back pin for this par-3. They always like middle or front.

So it's a little different playing tournament. As I said, the pin position, they could get tough. But obviously I played the last two times and I know where they are and you know where you can't miss.

So I think playing at Wilshire with this windy condition you really have to know where you can miss, and that could help a lot for this course.

Q. Was today a good day where patience was tested not only for yourself, but for a lot of people?

TIFFANY CHAN: Yeah, if you have a really good approaching day, you know, you can see people shoot 5-, 6-under. But you're not on your A game you really have to avoid the trouble here.

I obviously didn't hit my A game like the first day, I putt my A game like the first day, but I hang in there and finished 1-under today, and I'm happy with that.

Q. How pleased are you to stay in the hunt? I mean, I think you're 8 shots back now.


Q. We all know on this course you can find double bogey just as quickly as you can find a birdie.


Q. How pleased are you?

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, I'm happy with the way I handle myself the last three days. You know, going to final day within the hunt of 8 shots is a lot, but it's like my first day when you have a birdie, this course could go low with couple holes. Again, like it could be as easy getting double here, too.

So tomorrow I have to -- I actually have the same game plan today. Just play middle because the pins are really tight and the last hole, if you miss left, it's almost like a bogey for sure.

So tomorrow I'll see how the pins are and how the winds are and how my feeling are, so whatever happen, happens. I'm happy to be here.

Q. Yeah. Obviously you're always excited to be in contention at an LPGA event. Do you anticipate tomorrow maybe a little extra adrenaline on the first tee with everything that you've accomplished in your career here?

TIFFANY CHAN: You know, it's my first time being in the contention within top 10 for LPGA tournament, and I have been playing in junior or amateur events being in contention but it's obviously total different.

You know, I'm just like trying to learn from Inbee today, playing with Hall of Fame, and Hannah, we actually play amateur golf together for Asia Pacific a lot.

So seeing all my friends being able to win majors and tournaments, you know, being out here, I just to keep learning every day. I don't want to be ahead of myself or rushing towards, oh, I'm seeing Hannah winning all the tournaments and why am I not.

Instead I'm just trying to be out here, learn, and see what I can do better and better.

It's only technically my fourth your but last year was COVID. Technically my third year, so I'm still learning and I'm not in a rush.

So, yeah.

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