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April 23, 2021

Marc Leishman

Cameron Smith

Avondale, Louisiana, USA

TPC Louisiana

Quick Quotes

Q. Marc, what was more stressful today, the weather or the format?

MARC LEISHMAN: I think the format. I mean, it wasn't too different to what it was yesterday, the weather. This format, I mean, it's like a normal TOUR event. There's consequences for every shot. It just makes it a little more stressful when you've got your partner, and particularly when he's playing well like he is, you don't want to let your partner down. But I think for me and him being such good mates, it makes it a little easier.

But yeah, I think foursomes is hard. You're hitting half the shots; there's no rhythm. You've got to make sure you're loose between shots. Yeah, it's just hard.

I was actually quite happy with even par on what was a really tough day.

Q. Given that fact, how big were those three consecutive birdies?

MARC LEISHMAN: Oh, huge. Obviously pretty disappointed with myself after that tee shot on 17 where I hit it in the water, made double. But to, I guess, get it back with a couple good putts on 18 and 1, that was nice. It could have gone the wrong way pretty quickly, and to get three in a row when we needed them probably most was really good.

Q. Do you guys play different golf balls, and if so, how did that affect your decision making?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, we do play different golf balls. I play the Pro V1x and I think Leish plays the Chrome Soft X.

We've done it so we hit our approaches with our ball, so Leish would hit my ball off the tee, I would hit Leish's ball off the tee, and that way we get some control. At least we know what it's doing into the green. It's worked out in the past, I guess, and it's worked out really good so far this week.

Q. Sticking with the mullet song for the weekend?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, true, I didn't even think of that. That's going to be coming out tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, it'll be a good laugh.

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