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April 22, 2021

So Yeon Ryu

Los Angeles, California, USA

Wilshire Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. What a great second round here at Wilshire Country Club. How do you feel after two great rounds?

SO YEON RYU: You know what, it's -- well, I think it should be better to start with the positive, but I am kind of disappointed with my bogey finish at the last.

But if I look back I think it was really great round, and then if I compare to yesterday my tee shot was much better, feeling more comfortable with the tee shot, and I really enjoy to play this golf course because you have to have a lot of different shots.

Like I really enjoy hitting different type of shots, and then I think this golf course is definitely require to have like well positioning.

So I hope I can have this confidence into the weekend -- well, not the weekend, Friday, Saturday.

Q. What was a goal for you heading into the week?

SO YEON RYU: Well, I think build confidence is one of the my biggest goal right now. I think -- I don't know why, but I felt like I starting to losing confident a little bit on the golf course, because I was sort of playing well enough at ANA and then I started to struggle and then that really put me down.

Then I realized, you know what, all of my ability is there and one thing I'm missing is just confidence. I really try to be confident. Almost try to little arrogant on the golf course to be like, you know, I got this. I'm really good at this.

I think that kind of attitude is really helpful.

Q. Are you working on mental part of your game with a coach or what are you doing to work on that?

SO YEON RYU: Actually I just talk to one of a friend a lot and then he gave me -- he show me some of the YouTube clip I can look up and that YouTube clip has been really helping me out.

And then I think I saw one of the YouTube clip about that book Atomic Habit, I guess, and then the writer talked about what kind of mindset you need to have and what kind of daily routine could help you out.

Then I started to follow a little bit and then I think it start to work.

Q. When you're not on the golf course do you read a lot?

SO YEON RYU: I try to read a lot because these days like we have so many things to watch and I feel like I'm literally living with my phone or iPad. Then I don't want that, so I try to read more than watching TV.

Q. And I know it's cold and you have to go, what's the goal going into Friday and Saturday?

SO YEON RYU: I hope I'm going to play golf with 100% confidence. I hope I'm going to have this attitude that I got this and no doubt. Like I don't want to be like, What if I miss this putt, this shot. I just want to be really positive.

I think that is my No. 1 goal right now. Then I know I'm quite far behind back for leader, but golf you is never know about this game, so I'll do my best to hold the trophy.

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